10 Best Cheap Bear Paw Boots Reviews

It’s once again time to change your wardrobe. Out with your cute flip flops and nice dresses, and in with your scarves, sweaters, leggings and best of all- boots! You can buy comfortable and cheap BEARPAW boots instead of other over-priced boots. BEARPAW boots are excellent quality and our customer reviews shows some serious satisfaction. We offer thousands of different boots in different styles and colors. There is literally something for everyone, including men, women and children! The following list is a compilation of the Top 10 BEARPAW boots for this season. Remember, they are so affordable, you can buy more than one pair in different styles to suit your warm winter needs- and your feet will love you too!

1. Women’s Emma Short Boot

The BEARPAW Emma Short Boot for women is 8.5 inches tall, and there is also a 1 inch rubber heel. The outside is made of suede, and the inside is warm sheepskin. They come in just about any color you can think of. They also come in patterned suede and patterned leather. These boots are perfect for anyone who wants the extra warm feeling of comfy boots on a very cold day. They are easily tucked under pants or you can tuck your pants inside. If there is deep snow, you may want to think about the women’s Eva Short or Long Snow Boot. These boots can be worn as slippers in the house as well, and they make an affordable, durable, wonderful gift for anyone!
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2. Women’s Emma Tall 612-W Boot

The BEARPAW Emma Tall 623-W Boot is 11.5 inches tall, and there is also a 1 inch rubber heel. Made of suede, these tall boots are lined with sheepskin and very stylish worn over jeans or leggings. The boots offer warmth and comfort for the feet and the calves. They come in too many colors to choose from- including two shades of purple! These boots are so affordable, buying two pair may be in your budget. Purple on day, and maybe red the next! Why not?
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3. Women’s Eva Short Snow Boot

The BEARPAW Eva Short Snow Boot for women is 8.5 inches tall with a ¾ inch heel. This snow boot has a rounded toe, raised seaming, and a logo patch at the back heel. The boot is made with breathable leather as well. These short boots will keep your feet warm in the snow- but if you live someplace where the snow is very deep, you may want to consider the Eva Long Boot. A wonderful, comfortable warm boot for winter available in mostly darker colors, and of course, a leopard print which is the favorite by far!
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4. Women’s Knit Tall Boot

The BEARPAW Women’s Knit Tall Boot is a classic favorite. The comfort and warmth of this beautiful knit boot is 15 inches tall. They can be worn high on the calf, or they can be converted to short boots with three BEARCLAW logos. This versatile, beautifully crafted boot is a best seller, and comes in a variety of knit colors for your taste.
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5. Women’s Abigail Boot

These BEARPAW Abigail Boots are just right for lounging in front of the fire on a cold day, or for slipping into after a long day of skiing or skating, or even snow shoveling! These lovely leather 8 inch boots surround your feet with pure heaven! They are so stylish, with two buttons that are super cute- and they simply slide on your bare feet. There is nothing left to do but sit back and enjoy!
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6. Women’s Boetis II Mid-Calf Boot

These BEARPAW Boetis mid-calf boots are luxurious and very fashionable. Many women like the white color as it’s classic. They have a sturdy 1.25 rubber, gripping sole. The design of the fur is made from lots of fuzzy goat and cow hair, and the boot comes in several colors. They are very chic, and extremely popular. They are a bit pricier than other BEARPAW boots, but they are less expensive than other popular brands and the same, if not better quality!
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7. Women’s Boshie Snow Boot

These BEARPAW Boshie Snow Boots are about 9 inches in length with a 1 inch sole. The design is mostly suede, but the knit designs on the heel and back of the boot make these comfy soft Bearpaws look hip. There are made for those of us who can’t decide which we like better- the knit boot or the suede. They are truly the best of both worlds, and that’ why they are so popular!
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8. Women’s Tama II Mid-Calf Boot

These BEARCLAW beauties remind us of beautiful Native American women who made their boots for winter from leather, suede and rabbit fur. The design is absolutely stunning, and the boots are cozy and warm. Donning a high heel of 1.5 inches and a shaft of about 8 inches, theses boots are made from rabbit fur and they are a gorgeous testament to fashion over time. Available in different colors, these are must haves for fashion, warmth, and fun!
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9. Women’s Lauren Snow Boot

These BEARPAW long snow boots take the cake when it comes to style and comfort. With a 16 inch shaft, rest assured you will be covered if you have to walk in deep snow. The warmth of the sheep skin lining will insulate your bare feet from the cold. The buttons down the side of the boot are sharp and extremely fashionable. The boot comes in many sizes but the most popular by far is the tan, which seems to go with everything white!
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10. Women’s Emma 10 Inch Shearling Boot

BEARCLAWS bread and butter are the 10 inch shearling boot. This comfortable boots look very hip, and they cover the calf and keep you warm all winter long. The basic boot to wear in any color can also be the hottest. Their affordability is, quite frankly, surprising. These are the basis for all other boots so if you’re a beginner, you may want to start out with this basic, luxurious boot and work your way to the others! You can work your way to the others with this wonderful foundation! Or, why not just go for it all!?? Buy now from Amazon

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