10 Best Office Chair Under 200$ Reviews

Office chairs are available in a wide variety of price points, however, regardless of cost, a quality office chair must have basic characteristics, such as thoughtful design and high-strength construction. The chair should hold much more than an average person’s weight and be reliable for a long stretch of time. Aside from these requirements are personal preferences for seat height, cushion, color, and finish material. While one person may like a seat with soft cushions, another may feel more comfortable sitting in a more rigid office chair. The best plan when intending to purchase a high-quality office chair is to research models of a preferred price range while being acutely aware of personal traits that need to be met with a proper chair.

1.SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid Managers Chair

The AirGrid is a well made chair that has oversized dual wheel casters for easy rolling in carpeted areas. It has a firm seat, but that does not seem to affect its comfort as people who spend a full work day sitting at a desk have noticed that their AirGrid chairs have kept them comfortable for many hours. The arm rests are not as well made as the rest of the chair, and people under 5’5” may find that they cannot adjust the seat low enough to sit properly. The AirGrid may appeal to the average to tall individual who requires a chair that can be adjusted to meet individual seating preferences.
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2. Lorell LLR86200Executive High-Back Chair

The Lorell LLR86200has a high rising back rest that follows the natural curvature of the spine. It has a mesh backrest and a mesh covered seat that is fire-retardant. It seems to be designed for the average sized person, so very short and tall people may not be comfortable in this chair. TheLLR86200 has adjustments that lock into place, so it may not be the first choice for people who occasionally lean back. While it does not have the prestigious appearance of the high-end models, it does have the same level of comfort and support. People ranging from 5’6″ to 5’11” will find that this is a reliable and comfortable chair that can last a long time with proper care.
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3. LexMod Edge EEI-595Office Chair with Mesh Back and Leatherette Seat

The LexMod Edge 595 is a unique looking chair with a mesh backrest and a vinyl covered cushioned seat. While other office chairs have removable armrests, these flip up and back, which is great for people who use the use them but occasionally need them out of the way. It has a height range from 18 to 23, but some shorter people have commented that this chair is comfortable. The Edge has a weight rating that is less than expected, and it is not recommended for larger people. The backrest is not the strongest, and it might crack under the stress of a person leaning back. This is a design flaw that will likely turn many people away from this model. For the person of average height and weight who has no desire to lean back while seated, the Edge can provide the comfort and convenience they need.
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4. LexMod Edge EEI-594Office Chair with Mesh Back and Mesh Fabric Seat

The LexMod Edge 594 is the similar to the 595, but with a mesh fabric covered cushioned seat and eight color options. Like the 595, this one has armrests that flip up and back, and people who do other activities, such as playing a guitar, will appreciate this feature. It has an average height range, so shorter and taller people may be wishing for an extra inch of range. Like the Edge 595, this model is not recommended for larger people, and the backrest has been known to crack under the stress of a person leaning back. The mesh fabric seat would be great for people who wear shorts or skirts, as the material will maintain a more even temperature than vinyl. For the average person who would like the Edge 595, but prefers the added comfort of a mesh fabric seat, the Edge 594 may be a suitable office chair.
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5. Proline II ProGrid High Back Chair

The ProGrid features a tall backrest and a cushioned seat that is covered by a microfiber spandex type fabric. The high back works well to support the entire spine, and the lumbar support is not excessive, which seems to be an issue with many similar chairs. The armrests easily adjust for people of different body dimensions. It has several different independent adjustments, so nearly anyone can find a comfortable configuration. The ProGrid’s seat has a stainproof fabric covering that easily cleans to look like new. The armrest pads are very firm, which will appeal to some people, but others may find this uncomfortable. For the person who needs a quality high back chair with a fabric seat, the ProGrid may be a good choice.
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6. LexMod Edge Office Drafting Chair with Feet Ring, Mesh Back and Black Leatherette Seat

The Edge Drafting Chair is designed for tall desks, such as those favored by drafting professionals, so an average person’s feet will not be touching the floor while seated. Instead, the Edge Drafting Chair has a classic foot ring that is chromed for a sharp appearance. It has a vinyl covered seat cushion and lumbar supporting mesh backrest. This chair is designed for tall desks, so it will not adjust low enough for standard office desk height. Some people choose chair as an alternative for the uncomfortable bar stool, so it has uses outside of the office. A nice added feature over other drafting seats is the armrests that can be flipped up when they are not needed. This is a quality chair for the price, but some users have reported failing pistons, resulting in loss of height adjustment. This is a flaw that is a fairly significant downside on an otherwise sharp-looking, smart model.
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7. Flash Furniture GO-1297M-MID-WHITE-GGMid-Back Designer White Leather Executive Office Chair with Chrome Base

For those who tend to gravitate more toward style than comfort, there is the1297M, available in white or black leather over a foam padded molded one-piece seat. It is less comfortable than other office chairs, so it may not be the first choice for people who sit a full day at a desk. It is however a great looking chair that will add elegance to any office space, and it is designed to provide some lumbar support. Its chromed frame construction adds to its classic, sleek appearance, but some customers caution that this model is not as solid as it appears. With traits like fixed armrests and a one-piece construction, the1297M is not the most comfortable chair on the market, but for those who only sit for short lengths of time and want a stylish looking chair, it may be a great choice.
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8. Merax Pu Leather Black Executive Office Chair

The Merax Pu is among the basic, no frills chairs that are available. It has fixed armrests, but it does recline and locks upright for those who prefer not to lean back. It has a fairly thick padding covered by a soft faux leather material. It has a sturdy base and fairly strong casters, so it can safely seat larger people. The Merax Pu has is a lower cost chair, so one should not expect the rigidity and comfort of a high-end chair. Its lumbar support is not on par with the higher priced models, but it is adequate. The Merax Pu would work nicely for situations where constant sitting is not necessary, cost is an issue, or a substitute chair is needed until a high-end chair can be purchased.
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9. Alera Neratoli Mid-Back Swivel/Tilt Chair

The Alera Neratoli is a contemporary-styled chair that is actually more comfortable than it looks. It is designed to ease circulation issues that commonly occur when seated for long periods. The cushioning is not as thick as other chairs, but it is a dense foam that holds up well for a long time. People who like to lean back and stretch may love the Neratoli, and the recline tension can be adjusted to suit individual preference. At a 300 pound rating, it can safely seat most people. The chromed base and castor caps would look nice in nearly any environment. The armrests are not adjustable, and they only have thin padding, which is likely intended more for aesthetics than comfort. The Alera Neratoli is designed for those who lean more toward eye-catching design, but it is comfortable enough for sitting for a moderate amount of time in an office or workstation.
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10. Flash Furniture CH-CX0528H01-BK-LEA-GG High Back Executive Mesh Chair with Leather Inset Seat

The futuristic designed FlashCX0528H01 is an ergonomic chair that will add unusual style to any office. It is a reclining chair for those who like to stretch after a time seated before a computer. The padded headrest is a great addition when resting in the reclining position. The CX0528H01 is designed for the average person, so taller people may find that their upper torsos do not fit well with the tapered upper portion of the backrestand the headrest position. The non-padded armrests are not adjustable, but they are in a moderate, comfortable position for the average person. Those who are looking for a soft, cushy chair will not be too pleased with theCX0528H01, but others who are looking for a sturdy chair that is comfortable enough for the office, this one may be a great buy. Buy now from Amazon

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