Best Laptop Cooling Pads

Do you know that laptop computers are vulnerable to damage when heat builds up underneath? The heat increases even if you place it on the table, and it is even more dangerous if you put it on your lap.

To solve this problem, you need to use the laptop cooling pad which mostly is equipped with fans to cool down the laptop during processing and also to prevent your lap from being burnt.

For next, we will get you to the review of the top 10 laptop cooling pads to assist you during your work or your gaming activities.


10. AVANTEK CP172 Cooling Pad

AVANTEK CP172 Cooling Pad is designed to accommodate laptop from 15”-17”. Plus, the pad has dual 160mm blue LED fans for attractive appearance. The fans, moreover, are able to spin silently at 1000 RPM to absorb cool air from the bottom of the laptop in addition to the full range metal mesh that allows the air flow circulation. Last but not least, the model has adjustable feet that could offer 2 height settings.

9. Belkin CoolSpot Cushion Laptop Cooling Pad

Belkin CoolSpot Cushion Laptop Cooling Pad is cushioned bottom surface in case you put your laptop on your lap. Importantly, the pad is equipped with built-in fan that is able to cool your laptop during processing. In addition of the patented wave design, the pad has direct cool air across laptop hot spots for effective cooling performance. Finally, you will get 1-year limited warranty.

8. Cooler Master Comforter Air Portable Laptop Cooling Pad

Cooler Master Comforter Air Portable Laptop Cooling Pad features the padded cushion and removable fan. The pad has light weight. Due to its unique design, it is ideal for bed, couch, floor, and others. Furthermore, its 100mm removable fan will keep you and your laptop cool due to its increased airflow circulation. Finally, the pad has built-in cable management grooves and is compatible with laptops up to 15.6 inches.

7. HAVIT® HV-F2050 Laptop Cooler

HAVIT HV-F2050 Laptop Cooler has the stand that can be raised and locked for optimal position. It is ideal for 14 – 15.6? laptop. Furthermore, the model has four adjustable heights with lock stand mechanism. This mechanism allows air flow circulation beneath the stand which can cool your lap and laptop. Finally, in addition to its lightweight and portable design, the pad can perform quietly.

6. Targus Space Saving Lap Chill Mat

Targus Space Saving Lap Chill Mat (AWE80US) is ideal for laptop up to 17-Inch of popular brands. The model has dual fans to keep you and your laptop cool even when your laptop is being used for longer period of time. Furthermore, the mat is attached with L-shaped rubber tabs to keep laptop in place; plus, it has open edges that deliver optimal airflow. Even more, the pad has small design for you put it in your suitcase.

5. Pwr 17? PwrPad

Pwr 17? PwrPad is equipped with two 140mm silent fans that can cool down your computer and is designed for 7-17 inch of most famous brands in the market. The pad has 9 adjustable height positions. Moreover, the model is equipped with blue LEDs powered by USB port. Finally, you can get your money back in 30 days if you are not satisfied with the product.

4. Aidata LD007P Laptop Cooling Lap Board

Aidata LD007P Laptop Cooling Lap Board features a built-in USB powered cooling fan to prevent heat damage. Furthermore, there are 5 different angle adjustments and a removable soft air mesh fabric cushion to buff pressure areas. Other features of the product are detachable left or right handed mouse platform, a handle bar for convenient transport, and anti-sliding rubber pads.

3. Xpad Slim

Xpad Slim has the capacity to cool down your laptop without using fans while at the same time it shields your lap from laptop heat by up to 60 degrees. Moreover, the unit has non-slippery interface that maintains the position of your laptop on your lap for various sitting angles. Finally, the product is strong and light in term of weight and slim and elegant in term of appearance.

2. Targus Lap Chill Mat for Laptop (AWE55US)

Targus Lap Chill Mat for Laptop is available in black and gray color. It can protect your lap or work surface from heat releasing from your electrical devices. Moreover, it has dual fans to help disperse laptop heat for improved functionality as well as to extend the laptop’s battery life. Finally, you will get limited one year warranty.

1. Cooler Master NotePal X2 Laptop Cooling Pad

Cooler Master NotePal X2 Laptop Cooling Pad has mesh surface and 140mm blue LED fan that is able to provide a chill mat for your laptop, notebook, Ultrabook, and the likes. Moreover, the fan can nearly 1500 RPM which enables the unit to perform heavy duty. The design, on the other hand, is slim. In addition, two different height settings are provided. Last but not least, the model is ideal for gaming.

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