Best Shower Curtain Liner Reviews

The shower curtain is the definitive piece of any bathroom. Be it seashells, cartoons, dinosaurs, or multi-colored rubber duckies, your shower curtain is the motif setter by which your style and substance are displayed in the most intimate room of your house. Whatever mural your shower curtain paints of you, after careful selection to keep in accord with the decorative decisions you’ve made for your home the last thing you want is water damage to the curtain or to have to towel mop your bathroom floor after every use of your shower. Enter the oft-forgotten yet essential protector of your shower curtain and bathroom floor, the shower curtain liner. Picking the right shower curtain liner for your shower curtain is an important part of not only protecting your newly decorated facilities but also in the décor itself as what looks and works best with your shower curtain are the main questions when choosing the liner that’s right for your home. Below is a review of ten of the best shower curtain liners available on Amazon right now.

1. 72 x 72 Clear InterDesign Mildew-Free PEVA3 Gauge Shower Liner

InterDesign’s PEVA 3 Gauge Shower Liner in their PEVA line is made of 3 gauge 100% PEVA which is free of PVC and chlorine, and is absolutely odorless not to mention mold and mildew resistant to keep both your curtain and liner clean and fresh. Also water resistant, this liner keeps water in the shower as it glides of the curtain and dries quickly. The only care required is wiping clean with a damp cloth and if you’re looking for color coordination with your curtain or you’re into the minimalist look and want to rock the liner without a curtain, this design comes in a multitude of color selections.
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2. 72 x 72 Clear LIBA PEVA Anti-microbial Shower Liner

While this curtain offers many of the same great features as our number one spot, the LIBA version of the PEVA made liner comes with a few more great characteristics that make it a standalone great option. Made from the same mold and mildew resistant, chlorine and PVC free, PEVA material as the Interdesign liner, this liner also comes with an anti-bacterial design to stop bacteria growth on your shower curtain and liner and rust proof grommets to keep your liner looking brand new all the time and protect against bathroom humidity.
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3. 72 x 72 Clear Epica Mildew-Resistant Antibacterial Heavy-Duty Shower Curtain Liner

This liner by Epica is a hardcore and resilient bacteria fighter. Guaranteed to stay mildew free for 15 months, its special treated to keep bacteria, mildew, and mold from growing on it. Made of 10 gauge vinyl, this liner could just as easily stand alone as a curtain. The material is tear resistant and the header is reinforced with nylon mesh to add to the liners already incredible durability. The extra weight also allows for the liner to eliminate billowing while the shower is in use. The Epica Heavy-duty shower curtain liner also comes with rust proof metal grommets that can take whatever you can give ‘em, and easy cleaning with soapy warm water.
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4. 70 x 72 White Croscill Fabric Shower Curtain Liner

What this shower curtain lacks in space-age materials and military grade bacteria and mildew fighting ability it makes up for with a simple minimalist design that possesses its own quaint avant-garde style. This Croscill liner is made of 100% polyester which repels water and dries quickly between showers but also means that care is not as simple as cleaning with a damp cloth and requires machine wash, and is two inches shorter than normal liner designs which allows for a tidy non-ground sweeping look. With a tone on tone pinstripe design this liner can be substituted for a curtain all together and screams sensibility. This liner is a great piece for a post modern décor.
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5. My Stunning Abode Clear PEVA shower curtain liner

My Stunning Abode takes great lengths to provide a stable middle ground between fashion and function with their version of the PEVA shower curtain liner. With all the great features of the previous liners made from PEVA material like PVC and chlorine free, water repellent, odorless, non-toxic, easy clean, and mold and mildew resistant, the My Stunning Abode model also offers a few more key features in their design. With six weighted bottom magnets to keep the liner from billowing during shower use, and metal grommets that allow for easy installation with most any standard hooks or rings, this liner can be used alone or with a curtain and is great for straight or curved rods.
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6. 72 x 72 Clear Pinzon Basics PEVA Shower Curtain Liner

With their Basic PEVA design, Pinzon takes the best of the PEVA liner designs, cuts away the fat, and comes out strong with a great PEVA shower curtain liner at half the cost of their competition. Easy clean with warm water and water repellent with rust free metal grommets, Pinzon’s design is available in three different colors to coordinate or stand alone as a combination piece. The Pinzon basic liner is an excellent example of the best functions at a customer friendly cost.
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7. 72 x 72 Clear InterDesign Vinyl Shower Curtain Liner

Where as our last liner took the best functions of design and cut away the rest to price their product at a greatly lowered cost, InterDesign does the same with the fashion side of Shower curtain liners with their vinyl design. Made of commercial grade vinyl and featuring twelve rust resistant metal grommets and bottom magnets keep this liner at a functioning level while allowing InterDesign to focus on providing the vinyl liner in five different unique color patterns: Sunburst, Smoke, Frost, Deep Teal, and Clear. This liner is the perfect piece to pull off some different color eye candy in your bathroom.
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8. 71 x 71 Elegant White Damask Stripe Kimberly-Carr Home Designs Mildew Resistant Polyester Shower Curtain Liner

Kimberly-Carr Home Designs do what they do best, which is provide elegant and high quality home décor pieces, with their polyester shower curtain liner. Mildew resistant, water repellant, and machine washable KCHD offers a stunningly beautiful White Damask liner that is a perfect stand alone, though can be paired with a curtain. This curtain also features a non-corrosive weighted hem and 12 rust proof metal grommets along with a reinforced header. An amazing design with special attention paid to its seamless high quality look.
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9. 72 x 72 White DeLaine’s Kitchen and Bath PEVA Shower Curtain Liner

DeLaine’s Kitchen and Bath focus on the décor of only two rooms in your home; this allows them to guarantee high quality craftsmanship of their products, and their version of the PEVA shower curtain liner does not disappoint. Made of 100% PEVA, meaning easy clean, non-toxic, and odorless design and perfectly weighted to stay in place while your showering this piece drapes well and can be used as a liner with curtain or as a standalone piece. A durable liner yet soft to the touch, DeLaine’s Kitchen and Bath PEVA liner is the perfect shower liner for families.
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10. 72 x 72 White ZenFresh Anti Mildew/Antibacterial Heavy Duty 10 Gauge Shower Curtain Liner

The ZenFresh 10 Gauge Shower Curtain Liner is another excellent example of fashion meets function. This liner is a heavy duty and resilient product with a 10 gauge thickness and three bottom magnets for added stability during shower use but also easy to install right out of the package with anti-rust metal grommets that attach easily to most standard shower curtain rings. Made from PEVA, which eliminates all toxicity and chemical odor, the Zenfresh liner is also anti-mildew and anti-bacterial. Buy now from Amazon

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