The Best Popcorn Machines of 2018 Reviews

If you have your possess property theatre then you are just one of the lucky handful of who have it. It can be very highly-priced but if you can find great bargains and you have the correct location at property, you can have a property theatre that you can established up without the need of much too a lot revenue. Just envision – when you have your possess property theatre, you can enjoy the exhibits that you want by oneself or with your family users and close friends.

A ton of motion picture enthusiasts will not be capable to enjoy films and exhibits if they do not have popcorn. You can generally prepare dinner popcorn with the use of your microwave or even by way of your ordinary pan but the popcorn will feel more authentic if you would have the correct popcorn machine. There was a time when you can only acquire popcorn from the motion picture theaters but now, you can acquire your quite possess popcorn machine at property.

Acquire note that not all popcorn makers are made the exact. There are some that have all of the characteristics you may well have to have at property. Some go overboard with the characteristics and they are commonly highly-priced for the reason that of all the extra additional characteristics that you do not have to have.

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What to Look at When Buying Popcorn Equipment

You presently know the popcorn machines can all be unique from each individual other and these are the issues that you have to have to look at:

  • Sizing – You have to have to know the suitable sizing of the popcorn machine that you are going to acquire. The sizing will ascertain just how a lot popcorn the machine will be capable to prepare dinner. If you plan on just making use of it for the family, you do not have to have a substantial-sized popcorn. A little just one will be enough. If you have enough house at property even though, then by all means pick a larger popcorn machine.
  • Cost – You have to have to find a popcorn machine that matches your budget. Popcorn machines occur in a large wide variety of charges. It will be up to you to pick the just one that greatest matches you.
  • Variety – There are two forms of popcorn machines out there. The very first variety is the countertop popcorn machine that you would area on your countertop. The 2nd variety is the stand-alone popcorn machine. This can be positioned in the corner of your property theatre. Your option will count on what you assume will perform greatest for your requires.
  • Power Usage – You do not want to have a popcorn machine that will make your electric powered bill run so substantial that you would only want to use it seldom. Look at the ability usage very first and make a final decision dependent on the specifics you will find.
  • Added Options – There are generally issues that will make the popcorn machine more distinctive than the many others that you will find. For example, just one popcorn machine may well halt popping the instant that all of the kernels are cooked. Acquire a glimpse at the popcorn machine’s distinctive characteristics right before making the correct option.

Now that you have an idea about what to glimpse for when hunting at popcorn machines, you have to know the greatest items to look at.

Good Northern Popcorn 6010 Roosevelt Top rated Antique Style Popcorn Popper Device

Are you seeking for a popcorn machine that will control to stand out no issue in which you area it? You do not have to glimpse any further for the reason that this may well be the just one that you are seeking for. This machine is of professional good quality which means that you will be finding just one of the greatest. It will be a nice addition to your property theatre for absolutely sure.


  • Stainless-Steel Meals Zones – You can expect that it will be equivalent to the vintage and antique popcorn machines of extended right before. It is nice to glimpse at and it is surely astounding.
  • 3-Position Management Change – This is unique from the regular 2-position handle switch. This will be effortless to maneuver.
  • Developed – in Hotter Light – No have to have to acquire a individual hotter gentle to be certain that your popcorn will stay clean for a extended time.

What We Favored

  • It seems quite nice primarily when established up at your property theatre.
  • Developed with heavy glass doors.
  • Straightforward to assemble.

What We Did not Like

  • The pan is a bit little.
  • Some have described that the stainless steel may well start out rusting immediately after some time.

Popcorn Maker Device by Paramount

There is practically nothing like a motion picture-theatre variety machine positioned close to your property theatre to make you and your friends enthusiastic about the motion picture that you are arranging to enjoy. This will come with some supplemental characteristics much too that will make it your beloved amongst all the other popcorn machines you can check out out.


  • Multi-color LED illumination with Remote Management – The truth that you can handle it with a remote handle makes it just one of the greatest choices out there.
  • Dual Glass Doors – This machine that is built out of all-glass is nice to glimpse at and is sturdy enough for your unique requires.
  • Four Management Switches – This will make the popcorn machine operation even more helpful than at any time.

What We Favored

  • All of the areas are individually wrapped and are quite a lot safe.
  • Straightforward to set alongside one another.
  • Popcorn good quality is great.

What We Did not Like

  • You have to have tools to assemble the machine.
  • Rust will start out to take place immediately after some time.

Good Northern Popcorn in Purple Tabletop Retro Style Compact with Removable Tray

There are so several popcorn machines that you will find correct now and it can be tough to pick just just one but if you are seeking for a transportable popcorn machine, this may well be just one of the greatest that you will find. This will have the means to retain the popcorn heat and clean for a extended period of time of time.


  • Effortless Pull-Out Popcorn Tray – Why do you have to possibility burning oneself just to get the popcorn when the conventional popcorn tray can make it effortless for you to get rid of the popcorn conveniently?
  • Warming Light – If you are unable to get rid of the popcorn immediately, no have to have to fret for the reason that the warming gentle will retain your popcorn clean and heat until finally you are capable to get rid of it.
  • one gallon of Popcorn per Batch – This will be enough for your primary popcorn requires.

What We Favored

  • The scent of the popcorn is beautiful and is equivalent to the kinds you will get from the motion picture theatre.
  • Straightforward cleanse up.
  • Straightforward to assemble.

What We Did not Like

  • Small and may well not prepare dinner enough popcorn for major teams.
  • The door is not as sturdy as the relaxation of the machine.

Elite Deluxe EPM-250 Maxi-Matic Traditional Tabletop Kettle Popcorn Popper Device

There is just a little something about this popcorn maker that will make you want to acquire it immediately for the reason that of the way that it seems. You can prepare dinner a gallon of popcorn each and every time you use it. This is presently enough to feed your family users and close friends.


  • Warming Light – This will retain the popcorn clean and heat if you do not get all of the popped kernels out just however.
  • Developed- in Stirring Technique – You do not have to do a lot to get your flavoring into the popcorn.
  • Serving Tray – This will catch all of the freshly popped popcorn.

What We Favored

  • This seems great.
  • This does not take up a ton of house.
  • Straightforward to cleanse.

What We Did not Like

  • Some are not impressed with its good quality.
  • Flavor is not the exact with popcorn in cinemas.

West Bend 82505 Stir Crazy Popcorn Popper


The look for for the popcorn machine that can conveniently prepare dinner your popcorn for you may well have finished the instant that you see this popcorn machine. It has a constructed-in butter properly that will let your popcorn to be evenly coated with astounding flavors.


  • Warmth – Resistant Base – No have to have to fret about the base heating up every time you use it as it will retain the heat absent and guard your countertops.
  • Non-Adhere Coating – Cleansing this machine will be a breeze for the reason that of its non-adhere coating.
  • Warmth-Resistant Handles – Cooking popcorn is no pleasurable if you are going to get burned in the approach. The heat-resistant handles will assistance prevent that from going on.

What We Favored

  • Unit can heat up swiftly and can prepare dinner popcorn immediately.
  • Straightforward to transform in excess of the moment popping is performed.
  • This does not leave much too several unpopped kernels.

What We Did not Like

  • Some are unable to prepare dinner popcorn properly with it.
  • Some are unimpressed with the good quality of this popcorn maker.

The Primary Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper

What is your major necessity when seeking for a popcorn maker? For some people, it is house. If you reside in a little residence or house and you just have to have to have popcorn each and every time, this is the greatest for you to have. Its convenient storage makes it the best option for your popping requires.


  • Straightforward Seize Handles – You can conveniently get rid of this from your microwave without the need of burning oneself.
  • Collapsible Design – Just collapse the popcorn maker immediately after you have cleaned it up for effortless storage.
  • Dishwasher Safe – Clear up can totally be a breeze with the use of this microwave popcorn popper.

What We Favored

  • Negligible unpopped kernels.
  • No have to have to set oil to pop it.
  • Pops in less than 4 minutes.

What We Did not Like

  • This is not for you if you are seeking for a popcorn maker that seems astounding.
  • You have to have to add flavoring on your possess.

Cuisinart CPM-100W EasyPop Very hot Air Popcorn Maker

Do you want to know how you can pop more healthy popcorn? This popcorn maker will let this to transpire for the reason that it can pop popcorn without the need of the have to have for any oil. Only sizzling air is wanted for it. You can prepare dinner about 10 cups of popcorn in just one popping session. It will be enough for a little volume of friends.


  • Removable Multi-Goal Cup – This will allow you to evaluate the popcorn you are going to area in the machine right before you start out popping them.
  • On and Off Button – This is effortless to handle as you can start out and halt popping your popcorn every time you you should.
  • Oil-less Popping – Who states you have to have to have oil in get to start out popping popcorn? This machine proves that you do not.

What We Favored

  • This is sturdy.
  • More healthy solution as opposed to popcorn machines that demand oil to pop.
  • It is effortless to evaluate the popcorn that will be employed.

What We Did not Like

  • Some say that it did not past a year for them.
  • Will come with a quite short twine.

Closing Verdict

It is obvious that there are so several popcorn machines out there. It can be perplexing to pick just just one but the a variety of differences will make it less difficult for you to make a option. Would you want to have a popcorn machine that is convenient to use? Would you like just one that will stand-out when you area it in a room? It will however count on your overall preference and requires. What matters is that there are so several to pick from.

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