Top 10 Best Beer Tasting Glasses In 2017 Reviews

Also referred to as sampling glasses, beer-tasting glasses hold a small amount of beer for the purposes of allowing customers to enjoy several samples of beer all in a single serving. For you to have a better experience with these glasses, they should have special features such as their design and size. If you are looking to acquire any of these, below is a review of some of the best of them.

1. Libbey Belgian Beer Taster Glass

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Weighing about 1.45 pounds, this beer tasting glass is a product of the Libbey Company. With it comes many amazing features including some of which are discussed below.
– It has an inward tapered lip design. This allows it to feel the flavor and aroma of your beer.
– It also has a perfect size that enables you to sample beer with much ease. This is makes it convenient for use in places such as bars, restaurant and flights.
– The glass allows for proper and safe storage as it assumes a stackable design. This makes it suitable for use in congested areas such as a limited space bar.

2. Anchor Hocking Barbary Beer Tasting Glass

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This beer tasting glass is a product of Anchor Hocking Company weighing around 4.75 pounds. With it comes special features such as,
– It has great stability with its thick and widened base coming to its support.
– Cleaning the glass is easier as it has the dishwasher safe feature
– It is made of pure glass material making it suitable for beer tasting.
– Comes in a pack of 12 thereby its economical too

3. Handmade Deluxe Professional Beer Flight with Chalkboard

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This amazing beer tasting glass is a product of the Missing Digit Workshop. Weighing around 1.5 pounds, it comes with several dazzling features like,
– It is strong but light to enable easy carrying
– It is safe for use
– Convenient as it allows for easier identification of beer.

4. Libbey International 12 –piece Beer Glass Set

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This is another product from the Libbey Company but through Samara. With a weight of about 11 pounds, the beer tasting glass come with the following features.
– They come in a dozen. This make it suitable for home bars.
– Can serve as a good gift especially to people like newlyweds.
– It is dishwasher safe thereby saves on time and effort.
– It is light weight

5. Luminarc Assorted Craft Brew Glasses

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This beer tasting glass is from the Luminarc Company weighing around 7 pounds. With it comes special features like,
– Come in a pack of six glasses
– They are dishwasher safe
– They are safe to use as they no lead is used in their making

6. Libbey Craft Brew Sampler Clear Beer Glass Set

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This is another great product from Libbey Company. This beer tasting glass weighs around six pounds. Some of its features include,
– Can be presented as gifts to bachelors
– It is dishwasher safe meaning it saves time and effort
– Come in a pack of six allowing you to have each glass with your favorite beer.

7. Libbey Craft Brews 4-Ounce Clear Beer Sampler

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From Libbey company comes this great beer sampler again. This glass weigh less than the others weigh and has the following features,
– They are very light but serve their purpose effectively
– They are dishwasher safe thereby saves you a lot of time
– Can serve as a good gift
– Are cost effective as they come in a pack of six

8. Spiegelau Craft Beer Tasting Glasses

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These come from the Spiegelau Company with weight of around 2 pounds. Like the other best beer glasses, they come with features such as,
– It is durable and light. It is developed by the Spiegelau’s spirit
– Provides variety as they come in a set of three thereby suiting your beer styles
– It is dishwasher free therefore guarantees safety

9. Picnic Time ‘Craft Beer Four-Glass Flight Tasting Set

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Legacy Company manufactures this flight taster. With it comes the following features,
– Have handles that are curvy to ensure easy transportation
– Has a chalkboard panel on its base that allows for easier marking of beers
– It is light and can be suspended allowing for easier storage.

10. Set of 6 Libbey Hard cider Craft Beer Tasting

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Weighing around 5 five pounds, this is a product of the Libbey company. It has a lot of amazing features that include
– Come with 6 Cider tasting glasses
– Has a 50 HHS Signature picks
– Mimics the apple’s shape and it has easy and comfortable opening

If you are looking to find good beer tasting glasses, they can be readily be found online. There are some specific features to look for too. The above-reviewed glasses are some of the best currently in the market and you can consider them in your quest to purchase one.

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