Top 10 Best Champagne Glasses In 2017 Reviews

During parties or any other kind of events, champagne drinking can be one of the routines. For excellence experience, you and your friends will need a good champagne glass to supplement the event. Several factors determine whether a champagne glass meets the required standards. For instance, a good glass should have a good shape that is streamlined, should be safe for use and should be clear so that you can clearly see your drink. In this article, we look at some of top ten best champagne glasses in the year 2017.

1. Crystal Champagne Flutes

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This is a product of the Bella Vino Company with a weight of about 1 pound. The champagne glass has the following features that makes it rank amongst the top ten :
– It is good design and quality. This allows you to enjoy your drink and provide you with a touch of class. The champagne glass is also good looking.
– Easy to hold and provides a soothing feeling both to your hands and your lips.
– The champagne glass is crystal clear and made from materials that allows it to last longer
– They are light thereby enhancing your comfort while drinking

2. Beautiful Premium Champagne Flutes

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This is another product by the Bella Vino Company. The champagne glass is light and aside from that, it comes with this other amazing features :
– Allows for little or no spillage at all, Of high quality
– It is durable and made from crystal clear material
– It is dishwasher safe
– You get your money back if the product does not satisfy you

3. Champagne Flutes Glasses

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This glass do not carry much weight in it and it is a product of the ROD Wine Company. Some of its main features include :
– Beautiful to look at and its properly packaged
– It assumes a favorable shape that enhances your champagne drinking experience. It has been in the market for a long time now so it has a vast of experience too.
– Have a long lasting endurance
– The glass is safe to use as it is BPA Free and also dishwasher free
– Can be a perfect gift to your loved one

4. Luigi Bormioli Set of four Michelangelo Masterpiece

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The manufacturer of this excellent champagne glass is Luigi Bormioli. It possesses the following features :
– It is of top quality as it is made using crystalline glass
– Safe for use as it is completely BPA Free
– Has high clarity
– It is dishwasher free

5. Ikea Svalka Champagne Flute Glass

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This almost weightless Champagne glass also ranks amongst the top ten. Its features entails :
– Come in a pack of 6
– Made of high quality glass
– Rises up to 9 inches high
– It is dishwasher free

6. Home Essentials Mixology Cocktail Champagne Glasses

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From Home Essentials as its manufacturer, this is also another perfect champagne glass. It has the following features :
– Has a good shape and is of high quality
– Has the ability to have all the beverages’ spectrum
– It is versatile as it can also to serve martinis, puddings and sorbets as well

7. Premium Quality Plastic Champagne Flute

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This champagne glass is a product of the US Acrylic, LLC weighing less than two pounds. It has the following basic features :
– It is highly versatile as it can be used in any event
– It is of high quality with amazing levels of stability
– Since it is made of plastic, the glass can be used in outdoor events that may be dangerous to use glasses made of glass

8. Unbreakable Champaign Glasses

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These are type of champagne Glasses manufactured by the Deco Company. They weigh less than two pounds and come with the following amazing features :
– They are made of high quality materials that make them shatterproof, dishwasher free and safe for re use
– Assume the looks of a real glass
– Can be used in any event
– Last for long

9. Libbey Embassy Flute Champagne Glass

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This is a product of the Libbey Company. The champagne glass has the following features that makes it rank amongst the best :
– Come in a set of twelve glasses
– Safe for both using and dishwashing it
– Made of quality design
– Made or real glass material

10. Gold Diamond Champagne Toasting Flute Glasses

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From Gift Boutique comes this amazing product. It has features such as :
– Can serve as a gift
– Made of high quality material and is crystal clear
– Can only be hand washed
– Can be used in events such as anniversaries, weddings and any other such occasion

During events, there might grow need for use of champagne’s glasses. If you are planning to host an event, the glasses reviewed above can offer perfect options. However, the kind of event you host will determine what kind of glasses that you will need. These glasses are found online and more information about them can be found there too.

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