Top 10 Best College Dorm Safe In 2017 Reviews

Lots of criminals specifically live in college towns in order to prey on college students, who tend to have a lot of valuables and a somewhat relaxed attitude towards security. Students even sometimes have things to worry about from their fellow students. Getting a laptop stolen can mean losing everything from crucial security information to a term paper. Choosing something from the list of the top 10 best college dorm safe in 2017 can save students hundreds or thousands of dollars, not to mention their own peace of mind.

1. Best College Dorm Safe

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People can charge all of their devices with a safe like this, and they can also manage to keep a lot of their possessions safe all at the same time. There are three padded shelves inside. Some people will swipe student ID’s in order to access the safe, making it even more convenient.

2. Sentry Safe X105 Electronic Lock Security Safe

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Almost all laptops are going to fit in a safe like this one. This product is equipped with a black battery operated security safe. Valuables can also be safe, thanks to the carpeted floors.

3. Best Dorm Safe Back To School College and Dorm Essentials Vault

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This is a very easy product to put together and install. The trays inside are adjustable, and it’s easy to access and store everything inside as a result.

4. Stack-On PS-508 Extra Wide Strong Box Safe with Electronic Lock

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Thanks to the egg crate foam, it should be easier for students to be able to protect all of their valuables. It’s easy to attach something like this to a bed frame or another piece of furniture. The hidden hinges are only going to make the safe safer.

5. Ivation Electronic Digital Safe Box for Home & Office

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This is a box that can easily store a wide range of different items, including the kinds of items that college students probably aren’t going to have. Programming the code is very easy, and that should make remembering and using the code just as easy.

6. BARSKA Biometric Safe

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This is a high-tech safe that can store fingerprint data and that students can literally open with their fingertips. It’s easy to get plenty of secure access to something like this, and all important documents and products are going to be protected.

7. Cash Box With Combination Lock

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This is one of the strongest boxes that students are going to be able to find anywhere on the market. It’s a compact box for the students who don’t have a lot of space and who want a high standard of security, which they are going to be able to get here.

8. Vaultz Locking Storage Box, 19.5 x 7 x 13.5 Inches, Black (VZ00323

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The mesh netting should make it easier for people to get this product in perfect order. The dual combination locks and security cable should easily manage to give students additional layers of protection.

9. SENTRY P008E Compact Electronic Safe

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The tethering cable should manage to make this particular safe even safer than it would be otherwise. Thanks to the solid steel construction, it is going to be even harder to crack this safe and it is going to last for a long time.

10. SentrySafe P005C Compact Safe, 0.05 Cubic Feet, Black

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Moving this fairly small safe around is going to be easy, and people are still going to be able to get a high level of security from it. The safe is compact but tough and extremely secure. The three-number mechanical lock is going to be easy to use in general, and it is going to be hard for a lot of other people to crack.

There are lots of small, convenient, and affordable safes that are available for people living in dorms today. Students who get their dorm safes are not going to have to worry about the same things that will often terrify other college students. They will be able to keep their devices as well as their data safe from everyone, from their fellow students to the criminals who specifically take advantage of college students.

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