Top 10 Best Digital Kitchen Scales In 2017 Reviews

Rather than add ingredients while assuming that they are right, it is advisable that you invest in a kitchen scale. These allow for diversity and can be used for much more than just weighing your food ingredients. There is no need to risk the outcome of your delicacies. However, the market is filled with different brands and models of kitchen scales and it can be challenging when shopping around for one. To help you get started in the right direction, the following are some of the preferred best digital kitchen scales reviews you should consider. Their different features will suit the different needs and preferences of different individuals.

1. Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunctional Kitchen and Food Scale

This kitchen scale is easy to use and maintain. It is very accurate with graduations of 0.05 0z. and it can weigh up to a maximum of 11 pounds. When weighing, it will only give you the weight of your ingredients minus the bowl or container holding it. It automatically converts between weight measurements such as pounds, kilograms, and grams. It features an LCD screen that makes it easy to read and display your measurements. Once you are done, it is easy to clean and store away.
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2. Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale

If you are looking for a kitchen scale that is easy to use and does not take up much space, then this is for you. To promote ease in use, it features touch sensitive buttons. It is strong and durable with a tempered glass surface. It provides the net weight of ingredients. In addition, it features 4 precision GFX sensors and gives accurate measurements with 0.05 oz up to 12 pounds. Its ultra slim design allows you to use it even in smaller spaces.
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3. Bakers Math Kitchen Scale

This kitchen scale allows for versatility as you can use it to weigh much more than food ingredients thanks to its percentage weighing function. It can weigh up to 8000 grams though it provides reading in pounds and kilograms. It is durable and easy to clean with its stainless steel material. The weight display has a bright backlight for easy visibility.
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4. Ozeri Pro Digital Kitchen Food Scale

This can weigh ingredients of up to 12 pounds. It is easy to use with its over-sized buttons and the large LCD screen will indicate ingredients net weight in pounds, kilograms, grams, as well as ounces. It will automatically shut off within three minutes to save on power. It is made of durable from it chrome finished platform. It remains light in weight thus easy to store away.
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5. EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale

This kitchen scale will weigh up to a maximum of 11 pounds and will display the net weight of our ingredients in ounces, pound, gram, and kilograms. It also features a free EatSmart Calorie factors guide to help you lead a healthy life.
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6. Smart Weigh Digital Pro Pocket Scale

This kitchen scale will weigh much more than your food ingredients as long as they are within the 2kg weight limit. It will read and lock weight readings and its LCD screen features a bright blue backlight for easy readability.
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7. Etekcity 11lb/5kg Digital Multifunction Kitchen Food Scale

This scale is durable with its stainless steel material. It is versatile as it works as a temperature sensor and has an alarm timer. This way, you can avoid clutter in your kitchen. It has an LCD display for clarity in readings. It also comes with a sleek and sturdy design for easy use.
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8. Smart Weigh Digital Food & Kitchen Scale

This scale will with measure all your ingredients including liquids (milliliters). Its glass surface makes it easy to clean which is also sleek and compliments your kitchen. It is easy to use with its simple interface. It has the capability to provide readings in pounds, oz, grams, ml, as well as in cups.
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9. Etekcity 500g Digital Pocket Scale

This kitchen scale is durable thanks to its stainless steel material. It is easy to use with its backlit LCD display that indicates weight in g, oz, tl, ct, and gn. It is very accurate. It will measure not only your food ingredients but also jewelry and medicine. It also features tare, hold and PCS features to promote functionality.
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10. EatSmart Precision Elite Digital Kitchen Scale

This kitchen scale has a maximum weight capacity of 15 pounds. Its stainless steel platform makes it easy to maintain and durable. Its lighted display provides accurate readings in ounces, lbs, grams, and kgs and it will eliminate the weight of plates. It also features a 3-minute auto shut off to allow you dovetail in your kitchen. Buy now from Amazon

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