Top 10 Best Electric Foot Files in 2017

Why pay for salon pedicures when you can buff your callused feet regularly and leave your feetan soft and smooth all of the time? Electronic Foot Files make keeping your feet in shape easy. Professional pedicures cost time and money. Using an electronic foot file is an inexpensive, fast, and effective way to keep your feet looking good.

Unlike using various tools like manual foot files and pumice stones, an electronic foot file is safe to use. A good, powerful yet smooth electric foot file will not injure your feet as you smooth away dead skin, dry patches, and rough callouses on your feet. An electronic foot callus remover either use small batteries or have a rechargeable battery. An effective callus shaver will safely remove calluses produced by constant friction and will keep feet smooth and free of dead skin. Owning your own electronic foot file that is easy and convenient to use regularly will leave your feet smooth and soft.

A good electronic foot file is easy to use, easy to clean, and effective. You can conveniently get your feet in good shape for the summer weather when you want to go barefoot on the beach. Here are the top 10 electronic foot files in 2017.

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10. Amopé Pedi Perfect

The newest version of Amopé’s Pedi Perfect callus shaver may be the best in 2017. The device is safe, effective, and convenient to use. Its specially designed rollers can be used on both wet and dry feet. The cordless foot file is rechargeable and comes with a convenient docking station. The roller power speed is powerful working quickly to remove rough calluses and dry, dead skin in seconds. The duel speed system allows the user to adjust the power as necessary. For removal of severe hard patches, the higher speed is fast and effective. The lower speed can be used for regular buffing and clearing of dry skin. The callus shaver comes with exfoliating and softening refills with mixtures including diamond crystals. The handle is designed with a comfortable and secure grip. This electronic foot file callus remover is affordable, convenient, and effective.

09. Care Me Electronic Callus Remover

Care Me’s callus shaver is one of the best in 2017. Users are happy with its ease of use and effectiveness in removing bad calluses and rough, dead skin. The motor drive is powerful and adds extra pressure to remove dead skin patches. The rollers spin 40 times per second. The device comes with 2 large and wide super coarse rollers that are long lasting and easy to clean.

08. Magifeko Electronic Foot File

Magifeko’s latest electronic foot file is one of the most powerful and convenient callus remover. Its powerful rollers quickly remove callused and dead skin safely to leave feet feeling smooth. The system comes with 2 rollers, a cleaning brush, a charger, and a convenient case for storage and travel. The rechargeable foot file is water resistant and easy to clean. It provides a fast, effective, and less expensive alternative to regular pedicures.

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07. Beauti Me Professional Electronic Callus Remover

Beauti Me’s Professional Electronic Callus Remover is lightweight and compact. It works gently to efficiently remove rough callused skin from the feet leaving them buffed and smooth. The battery operated callus shaver is water resistant. It is easy to clean by running under tap water to rinse and comes with a convenient cleaning brush. The device also comes with duel rollers and a bag for storage and travel.

06. Foot Love Electronic Foot File

This electronic callus remover by Foot Love is quality made and convenient for users. Its high power offers professional results for men and women. The device is conveniently cordless and rechargeable. It comes with a charger and cleaning brush as well as 4 rollers, 2 for coarser heavier shaving of dead skin and 2 standard rollers for lighter, buffing. This is a great foot file that will be effective for a long time.

05. Callus Remover Electric By PediSoft

The Pedisoft Electronic Foot File is a high quality and affordable callus shaver. The foot file is rechargeable and high quality rollers are long lasting. The foot file has a powerful motor that is fast and effective at removing tough calluses. It is water resistant and easy to clean by rinsing with tap water. It comes with an extra roller and a cleaning brush.

04. UTILYZE Electronic Foot File

UTILYZE offers a good, quality electronic foot file. The foot file boasts turbo boost motor technology for powerful in-home pedicure treatment. The callus remover is made with high quality materials and is durable. It is a safe, comfortable, and effective tool to keep feet in the best shape. This foot file has a rechargeable battery and comes with a charger that shows a green light when fully charged. For a great home electric foot file and callus remover, UTILYZE offers a great product.

03. Buty Face Electronic Professional Pedicure

Buty Face’s electric foot file is easy to use, multi-faceted, and very affordable. It has duel speeds for powerful function including a higher speed to remove tough calluses and a lower speed for more delicate use and regular buffing. The device comes with 3 interchangeable attachments. The callus shaver is water resistant and cordless for ease of use and storage.

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02. Nice2MiTu Foot File

This electric callus remover by Nice2MiTu offers a spa like pedicure treatment in your own home. It uses diamond crystals to effectively exfoliate the skin while offering a comfortable and safe experience. The foot file has 2 speeds, and the roller turns 360 degrees. The Nice2MiTu foot file is rechargeable, easy to use, and simple to clean. It is an affordable option for a great electronic foot file.

01. Dr. Scholl’s Electronic Foot File

Dr. Scholl’s callus shaver is still a standard in electric callus removers. It is affordable and compact. It has a nice handle and effective rollers. It quickly and efficiently removes stubborn calluses and, used regularly, it keeps feet buffed and smooth. It also helps rid feet of bacteria that can lead to foot odor. For a simple product, Dr. Scholl’s foot file is effective.

When searching for the best electronic foot file there are many choices this year. Using a personal foot file is much less expensive than going to the salon or spa. With your own good quality electric foot file, you can remove tough calluses and dry, rough patches on the foot. You can also keep your feet soft and smooth and looking healthy because you can easily buff your feet on a regular basis to remove dead skin.

Of the best electronic callus removers in 2017, there are several important factors to consider. A good coarse roller with optimum power is essential to remove tough calluses. A rechargeable battery is convenient. An ergonomic handle makes use easy and comfortable. Water resistance is great because you can use the foot file on wet or dry feet and because you can easily clean the device under running tap water. Extra rollers are a bonus. Whatever you choose, there are several good, quality electric foot files available at affordable prices in 2017.

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