Top 10 Best Grill Covers in 2017 Reviews

Some grills are definitely more durable compared to others. This is because those that last longer are probably high quality grills. However, the care provided is more important if you want to use it for long. Perhaps, buying a grill cover that is rated among the best is the secret to extending the lifetime of your grill especially if you always cook outdoors. Stubborn stains and fluctuations of weather can greatly affect the efficiency of any grill. A number of grill covers’ brands can be found on the current market but some fulfil your desires while others are filled with impressive labels that may not reflect the outcome. In general, they vary in quality, price, make and size. Therefore, it is a dream of every grill fan to have the best quality grill cover but how can you be confident that what you need is the right grill cover? Here are top 10 grill covers based on reviews.

1. Yukon Glory Original

Yukon grill cover is fantastic considering the way it fits excellently and has several methods of securing it such as strips of Velcro enabling the ends to be pinched thus preventing wind from lifting it up. Remarkable quality and heavy duty is enough to prove its worth.
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2. Texas Gas Grill Cover

If you are tired of your gas grill being blown by wind, then try this Texas grill cover. It is made of thicker and superior materials assures of durability and reliability. It also has a Velcro on its sides to prevent wind from blowing it away. Moreover, it fits properly to the grill.
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3. Barbeque Grill Cover

This cover, described by many as a heavy duty cover, is nicer than expected. It is affordable and fits your grill well. A cloth material covers the air vents so that rain water cannot penetrate. There is also a zippered pocket that is convenient for storage of your manuals and other things.
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4. Hickory Grill Cover

This cover is not only durable but also much cheaper compared to others like Lynx BBQ Grill. It is made of canvass and a vinyl backing thus ensuring it is sturdy enough. It also accommodates a large size grill and water beads well in case it is rained on.
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5. Garden Home Grill Cover

This is one of the best quality covers I can say. It is made of a heavy duty fabric that sheds water the way rain gear material do. Its working is fantastic even in presence of snow or a wicked ice storm. It has a front zipper pocket and pull tight cinch that keeps it in place. You don’t have to worry of blowing wind due to the Velcro tabs anchoring it down.
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6. Veranda Barbecue Grill Cover

Heavy handles well placed at the corners are great for putting this grill cover on. There is also a zippered pocket on top of it. Its air vents reduce wind lofting and the elastic hem cord allows for adjustment. It cannot be blown away by wind if you tie the four corners to be tightly held by the grill.
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7. BBQ Grill cover

I love the flexibility of this grill cover which makes it very easy to manipulate. The touches like handles are small but well thought out making it easier to take off and on though some people claim this cover is relatively cumbersome to take on.
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8. Ravenna Grill Cover

What I like the most in this cover is its hold downs that fasten around its wheels. It covers the whole parts of the grill except the bottom part. One major issue is the side vents which initially seems good but collapses with time when it snows or rains.
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9. Panther Series Grill Cover

Are you tired of your grill cover ripping during windy weather? This cover is so cheap but meets the heavy duty you desire. Though not pretty enough, it is worth its price. Its protective system is enhanced by addition of elegant fabric that prevents cracking especially during cold weather.
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10. Char-Broil Grill Cover

This item feels thick and durable but the only problem is that both Velcro straps don’t stick properly. However you can replace the Velcro and enjoy the good quality grill cover. It has a vent on the upper side which prevents condensation to keep the grill dry. Buy now from Amazon

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