Top 10 Best iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Cases Protectors In 2017 Reviews

Another year, and another iPhone. However, this time round, the update to their line was such a big deal. With plenty of improved specs and new features, as an iPhone owner, you’ll surely want to protect your expensive device. Unfortunately, not all created equal. Therefore, it’s highly important to pick a case that perfectly suits your lifestyle and budget.

It is highly likely that mortar and brick stores will have a limited inventory of iPhone 7 and 7 plus case if the last couple of iPhone launches should be used to judge. The fact is that the last couple of iPhone launches have witnessed pretty very low case supply especially around the launch day.

1. iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector

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This screen protector has an oleophobic coating that helps your maintain a spotless screen devoid of any oil build up. Your phone does not have to take the hit. The protector is easy to install as well as remove. It enjoys extreme clarity that helps preserve the original brightness of the screen.

2. SaharaCase Protective Kit Bundle

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The SaharaCase Protective Kit Bundle boasts an ergonomically design that boasts the highest quality plastic and rubberized materials thus allowing effortless access to ports and buttons. The protective bundle kit consists of a dust removal tool, microfiber cloth, alcohol prep pad, a case, tempered glass screen with an alignment tool and a squeegee.

3. iPhone 7 Plus Case

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This iPhone 7 plus case features a rugged protection against heavy impacts and drops. It does not have any extra weight meaning it isn’t bulky. It brings with a ZeroDamage tempered glass screen protector for the best protection against scratches and impact while at the same time offering a glass, smooth finish without reducing screen quality and touch performance.

4. iPhone 7 Plus Case SaharaCase Protective Kit

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By buying this screen protector, you enjoy a premium shock absorbing rubberized as well sturdy plastic materials. It boasts a reinforced shock absorbing bumper as well as a raised bevel around for an enhanced LCD protection. You also get precision cut-outs for effortless access to the side ports and buttons.

5. Maxboost 2 Pack iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector

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The glass screen protector from Maxboost is among the leading screen protectors in the world. It features an industry leading thin cut and design. The design offers exceptional protection without bulk. The high definition clear tempered glass protector is tailored to work brilliantly with your phone’s curved edges.

6. SUPCASE Ares Bumper Case

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This clear case brings with it an in-built cushion that offers utmost protection without giving you the stress of additional bulk. The slim and lightweight profile excellently hugs your phones as it offers protection against its screen, back, corners, and edges without altering its design.

7. SUPCASE Full-body Rugged Holster Case

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Enjoy dual layer protection as well as convenience devoid of compromising sensitivity. Its thermoplastic polycarbonate and polyurethane offer cushion in case of any accidental drops. All your phone ports will be covered to block debris and dust. The in-built screen protector will always prevent your device’s screen from scratches.

8. Zizo Bolt Cover Heavy Duty Armor

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A product of Zizo, this screen protector features a lightning shield to offer zero distortion and full clarity. It has passed considerable tests to assure you of topmost protection for your gadget. This product surpasses expectations as well as guarantees protection. The case provides a number of protection layers.

9. Clear Rose Gold SaharaCase

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If you have been looking for a protector that has allows you to capture better videos and pictures, improve colors and contrast while at the same time offering protection to your lens from scratches, then look no further than the Clear Rose Gold SaharaCase.

10. ZeroDamage Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 7 Plus

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Enjoy uncompromising protection on your device with this tempered glass screen protector. It has beveled edges that provide utmost comfort to your hands. It retains the original touchscreen experience with maximum HD clarity.

A bruised apple is not any beautiful. If you happen to drop your new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, it can end up scarred, scraped or even worse. Investing in some protection is the smartest play. Plenty of different cases exist out there. Some offer protection against drops while others against style on top of adding extra functionality. The above are the top 10 best iPhone 7 & 7 plus cases protectors in 2017.

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