Top 10 Best LED Grow Lights In 2017 Reviews

If you’re growing anything, whether it is medical cannabis, vegetables, flowers, and any other type of plant, you are likely going to want it to grow quickly and healthily. One method of getting your plants to grow fast and healthy is using an LED grow light. These lights are designed in order to give off light, similar to the sun’s, so that the light can be absorbed by the plants in order to speed the growing process.

When buying an LED grow light, you must ensure that the lights are powerful enough to get the job done. You will want to consider a mixture of light colors such as red and blue as well as type of lighting such as ultraviolet and infrared. The more lumens the lights give off, the faster and healthier your plants will grow.

In order to assist you in finding high quality LED grow lights, you will find a list of the top 10 best LED grow lights as well as reviews for each below.

1. SANSUN LED Grow Light

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The SANSUN LED grow light is one of the best grow lights; its full spectrum of light was created in order to achieve all stages of growth such as flowering of vegetating. Some of the products this light can be used on for growth include herbs, fruit, vegetables, and even medical marijuana. This light was created in order to withstand a lot of growth time; it has an extended lifespan of over 50 000 hours. This makes this light easy to use and worth the investment. Like stated above, the purpose of the SANSUN LED grow light is to grow things in a quick manner; generally, while using this product, leaves begin to appear within just a couple of weeks after regular use.


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The VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series V300 LED grow light is another high quality grow light. This light was created in order to help grow products such as plants, vegetables, and flowers. Every flower, plant, and vegetable goes through a growing cycle, and this LED grow light helps speed the growing process so that users are able to get, and use, their products faster. A great thing about this LED light is that it was created with aluminum cooling sinks and fans which make the light safer to use. Aside from the fans and cooling sink, this LED light uses only 136 watts of power.

3. TaoTronics LED Grow Light

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This LED grow light is made up of 12 LED lights; the lights are ultra-bright, and there are 3 blue lights and 9 red lights. These lights give whatever you are growing some extra light to boost the growing process. The way this works is that the light created by the LED bulbs is absorbed by the product that is growing which is taken in by the plant’s photosynthesis process. This is what causes the plant to grow healthier and faster. If there is little sun/light or if the weather does not permit plant growth (too cold), you can rely on this LED grow light in order to promote plant grow as well as improve the health of the plant.

4. Galaxyhydro LED Grow Plant Light

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Galaxyhydro’s LED grow light is a grow light consists of 100 different bulbs; these bulbs are LED and included ultraviolet and infrared LED lights. The purpose of the ultraviolet lights is to ensure the plants stay free of bacteria as well as to help plants and flowers grow. The purpose of the infrared bulbs is to help the cells of the plant divide which results in flowering and vegetation. Aside from the main function of helping plants grow, this light also works for up to 18 hours per day which gives this light a long lifespan for indoor/greenhouse products such as plants, flowers, or vegetables.

5. King Plus LED Grow Light

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The light, which comes in numerous watts such as 600W, 800W, 1000W, and 1200W, was designed in order to promote plant growth and healthy plants. One of the great things about this LED light is that it is energy-saving and uses approximately 185W of power. Its high brightness and long lifespan gives users the ability to grow plants in a quick and time efficient manner. The light is made of a full spectrum of LED grow lights; the spectrum is similar to the one of sunlight. The spectrum includes red, blue, yellow, and white. The ideal use for this light is in the garden, green house, plant breeding, farming, and more.

6. MarsHydro LED Grow Light

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Users can rely on the Mars Hydro brand when it comes to LED grow lights; they have over 7 years’ of experience, and their LED grow lights, with full spectrum lighting, helps grow health flowers/vegetables/plants. The lighting that is created is similar to the light of the sun, and the product absorbed the light and uses it to help it through the stages of growing such as flowering or vegetating. Another great feature of this LED light is that it was created in order to be safe and energy saving; the light was created with a heatproof tube, an isolated power supply, and certified wires that ensure there is no risk of fire. The light is energy saving because it only uses 132W of power.

7. Advanced Platinum Series Grow Light

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This grow light, which comes with a 5 year warranty, is a grow light created with platinum LED lights. The lights used when creating this grow light have a very high PAR/LUMEN output which is what helps grow and be healthy. The light was also created with a 12-band spectrum of lights that are both infrared and ultraviolet. One feature of this grow light is that users are able to select a vegetable or flower setting; this switch can activate a high speed fan that is high speed and quiet at the same time which makes this light easy to use but also not an inconvenience or annoyance. The light also has been upgraded with cooling heat sinks that decrease, or stop, the risk of fire or overheating.

8. AROCCOM LED Grow Light

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The AROCCOM 600W LED grow light was created with advanced LED technology in order to help promote plant growth. Some of the ideal uses for this grow light include indoor marijuana, indoor plants, or even an indoor herb garden. The lights that this product consists of are of full spectrum which speeds up the photosynthesis process that helps plants grow and flowers bloom. This product is power efficient as it consumes little energy. Aside from being power efficient, this light also consists of a cooling system (a fan and heat sink); this product runs 70% cooler than other lights.

9. Galaxyhydro 300W Grow Light

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This grow light is created with 100 3W LED bulbs that give off a high number of lumens (7000). The purpose of this grow light is to help plants grow faster. Not only was it created in order to help plants grow, this product was created in order to create plants that are healthy. The different color lights, red and blue, that this light consists of have a variety of different purposes. For example, the red lights helps plants grow, flower, germinate, vegetate, and fruit. The blue lights help the different parts of the plant, such as chloroplast and chlorophyll, absorb the light and quicken the photosynthesis process of plant growth.

10. TaoTronics LED Grow Light Bulb

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This light bulb is a grow light bulb has a life span of 50 000 hours which makes this a reliable grow light for users. Compared to the previous model of grow light, this grow light has 24W of grow light which is ideal for growing plants. The great thing about this grow light is that is covers are large area which means it can cover more plants with the light they need in order to grow, flower, and fruit. Some of the results include leaves sprouting within 2 weeks of regular use. You can rely on this grow light in order to grow plants quickly and to improve the overall health of whatever it is that you are growing (herbs, marijuana, flowers, vegetables, etc.).

The above list covers some of the best LED grow lights on the market. Being able to grow things quickly and healthily and users can rely on any of the above products to do just that. All of the above products give off high amounts of light that help plants grow, flower, fruit, and more. The light that is given off by these lights are similar to sunlight, which gives the plant a more natural way of growing if there are barriers to growth such as no lighting inside, bad weather/temperature, rain, etc.

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