Top 10 Best LED Light Bulbs In 2017 Reviews

Longevity is one thing as you get years of use out of a LED bulb while an incandescent give you a little over 1,000 hours light before going out suddenly. Compact Florescent Lights (CFLs) last about 8 times longer.

But, LEDS stay lit for 50,000 plus hours and instead of going out they slowly dim instead. However, that’s not all. LEDs use a fraction of the power that either of the other two uses. So, LED bulbs last longer and save you cash while they provide the same amount of light using a fraction of the energy.

How did we select the 10 LED bulbs we are going to highlight today?

First, they have to be made by a known manufacturer of quality LED lighting. Next, they have to be able to put out enough light to replace bulbs you are currently using in your home. Finally, they have to be an economical alternative to your current lighting.

1. Hyperikon PAR20 LED Bulb, 8W (50W equivalent)

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With certifications from both UL and Energy Star, you have a LED replacement bulb that goes for a staggering 21 years before needing replacement and add to that, the savings on your electric bill as well. Another nice feature is you have a pure light that is equivalent to the suns.

Now replace those old-fashioned energy-wasting lights you now have with a LED bulb that you can forget about and let your children worry about changing.

2. Philips 462143 Dimmable 65 Watt Equivalent Soft White BR30 Dimmable Led Light Bulb

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With Phillips in your court, you have one of the best names in the business. These bulbs only use 9 watts instead of the 65 that the bulbs they are replacing, not only that but you can vary the brightness with a dimmer switch. Now get this and it’s the best part. These bulbs are good for 10 years. This easily beats any bulb you are currently using.

3. Philips 462143 Dimmable 65 Watt Equivalent Soft White BR30 Dimmable Led Light Bulb

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Philips give you a bargain with 16 bulbs that means you can replace every bulb in your closets, garage, and your kitchen. 800 lumens of pure light can also be used to feed your indoor plants and they wouldn’t know the difference from real sunlight. What’s exciting is the fact you have a bulb with a 3-year warranty that lasts over 10 years before needing replacing.

4. TIWIN A19 E26 LED Light Bulbs 100-watt equivalent (11W)

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Replace you 100 Watt bulbs with the same light quality that only use 10% the energy you are using right now. If you are frugal and you want to save, even more then let them stay in place for 11 or more years to reap an unbelievable saving. You can light up your home bright as day and still save big on your utility bills by replacing your old bulbs 6 at a time.

5. LE Dimmable A19 E26 RGB LED Bulbs

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For your den or recreation room, you can have LED lamps that can change a dull room to one that changes color with all the colors of the rainbow. You can also change the intensity at will as well. You can go from strobe to fade and 2 other modes as well. 30Watts lets you see normally when you decide to lock in white for normal room use. It’s all controlled by a handy remote as well.

6. TCP 60 Watt Equivalent 6-pack

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6 bulbs that put out 60 watts each at 800lumens, you can replace the bulbs everywhere and at a 20,000-hour life expectancy you don’t have to worry replacing for the next 2 decades or so. So white makes them easy on the eyes and they fit a standard light socket in the basement, garage, and in the Home entertainment center.

7. Philips 461228 60 Watt Equivalent Soft White Dimmable A19 LED Light Bulb

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What’s not to like? An Energy Star rated bulb at 800 lumens coming in a box of eight. Change out your old bulbs and get LEDs that are long lasting and may outlast your mortgage. You can also use them with a dimmer switch and they will light anywhere you put them and save you a ton of cash over the course of the year.

8. LE 18 Pack A19 E26 LED Bulbs, 60W Incandescent Bulb

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One of the best buys now available with 18 LED bulbs, 50,000 hours of life, and 810 lumens from each bulb. You save on your electric bill, light your home and never have to worry about changing a bulb again. LE has got you covered with bulbs that can cover a room and make sure you don’t have to worry again about being left in the dark.

9. New 60 Watt Equivalent SlimStyle A19 LED Light Bulb Soft White 2700K 12 Pack

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15,000 hours with a bulb, that can replace you old Edison bulbs with ease. This gives you almost 13 years of lighting at 3 hours use a night. Far longer than any old style bulb can last and your utility bill is a tiny fraction of what it would be. Buy them 12 at a time and do your whole house up in style.

10. Vintage Edison LED Bulb, CMYK Dimmable 4W ST64 Antique LED Bulb Squirrel Cage Filament Light

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When you want bulbs that give your home a touch of class and panache you need to take a gander at what CMYK has for you. They give you LED lighting that emulates the ancient bulbs that were all the rage in the 1900s. Squirrel cage design and looking like a piece of history they last much longer than the original and at 330 lumens, you have the perfect replacement for that chandelier or light, out on the porch.

So, you can see LED lighting can replace the conventional bulbs you are using now and give you longer life, better light, and cut you lighting bill significantly.

You can now see why making the switch to LED is the right choice for 2017 and beyond. You can put these light bulbs in and not have to worry about changing them for up to 20 years and that takes you to 2037 easily.

Save money, get the light you want, and be friendly to the environment all with a simple shift in the type of bulbs you are using today.

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