Top 10 Best Lumbar Supports For Car In 2017 Reviews

Any long-distance driver, short distance driver, desk jockey or airplane traveller needs a seating that is well designed to avoid instances of back pains. We have in some cases come across incidences of travellers who complain about the seating design of a particular vehicle in that they end up experiencing dreadful back pains. It is because of such complains that some companies have decided to come up with more comfortable and proper pillow for people traveling for long distance by air or road, the selection below is of the best Lumber supports for Cars in 2017.

1. The LoveHome lumbar support back cushion

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This lumbar support helps in alleviating the lower back pains- it will lower the mid back pains, and also the tightness as a result of long distance sitting. It also supports the natural curves of your lower back which will promote the perfect alignment for your spinal cord and hence achieve a healthy posture. The adjustable straps help to keep the back cushion in its rightful place and also to prevent the cushion of the back chair from sliding downwards. The extension straps will help the lumbar pillow to fit perfectly in an office chair, executive chair, sofa, couch, car seat, wheel chair, truck seat, SUV set and most importantly car seats.

2. The Everlasting Comfort Back Cushion

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This everlasting comfortable back cushion is made of high 100% pure memory foam. The Orthopedic design is made to relieve the back pain for people travelling for long distances. This is a Lumbar Support Pillow that has dual premium adjustable strands which secures you tightly to the cushion of your back seat, and this will reduce chances of back pain.

3. The Sweet Relief Lumbar Cushion

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This lumbar support has an orthopedic design that helps in maintaining the natural curvature of your spinal cord. It comes with a mesh back support that helps top alleviate the back pains. It reduces the chances of one getting arthritis, scoliosis and sciatic nerve pain as a result of sitting for long distances.

4. The 5 in 1 Lumbar Support Cushion

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This is a good lumbar support that has very good features including the no sweat feature. It has a cooling gel pad premium which will cool your back and also your cushion, thus it makes sure that you are never hot and sweaty, the way you might feel with other memory foam cushions. You will sit for long distance without feeling hot.

5. The Original McKenzie Lumbar Support

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This is one of the top selling lumbar cushion and very ideal for your car or for the office. It can also be used with a seat that does not give adequate lumbar support. It has in built straps which secure the lumbar roll to most of the back seats; it can also be used at around the waists.

6. The SimplePosture Lower Back Pain Cushion Support

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If you happen to be experiencing pressure or tightness in the lower back as a result of long time sitting, then this is the best lumbar cushion for you. It helps to support the natural arc of your lower back, and thus you will maintain a healthy vibrant posture. You will feel very relaxed and refreshed when you get up and also while sitting. The adjustable strands will just keep you in your rightful position.

7. The Duro-Med Relax-A-Bac, Lumbar Cushion Support

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This lumbar support eases the lower back pains from injuries, arthritis and from bad sitting posture, it has an orthopedic foam support pillow which keeps it in its rightful shape. It is also specifically designed for reducing slouching and keeping your lower back in a well aligned posture. The straps ensure that the cushions remain in its rightful place on the chair.

8. The Posturebuddy 400g Memory Lumbar Support

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The Posturebuddy is specially designed to match perfectly to your back’s lower pack immediately you put the pressure against it. This lumbar support is the best for cars when going for long trips, at your homes lounges, your office chair or just anywhere in between.

9. The Travel Ease Premium Memory Car Lumbar Cushion and Neck Pillow Kit

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This lumbar support is designed by use of patented ergonomic streamline technology which promotes blood circulation and also provides lower back support which lowers the back pain and reduces slouching as you drive. It helps to reduce cervical vertebra hurt in case someone applies emergency brakes. It also maintains your sitting posture.

10. Original McKenzie® -SlimLine Lumbar Cushion Support

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This is most ideal cushion for the elderly persons or petite people who cannot sit for long and more intrusive supports. It comes with a non wrinkle, moisture wicking, and a 100% polyester removable cover.

These are some of the best lumbar supports for a car in 2017. If you like travelling for long distances using your car, then can buy one of the above cushions since they may be of great help time, then the above are some of the best on the market. The most important part is that they minimize the chances of back pains which come as a result of sitting for long hours, they also make you comfortable on your seat.

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