Top 10 Best Metal Detectors For The Money In 2017 Reviews

Old back yards, sandy beaches, open fields – knowing exactly where to seek for treasure is highly important. However, more critical is the equipment you must take with you. It is very important to do your research right when in the market for the best metal detector for the money.

Are you a novice just beginning on the hobby? If yes, then you should never fear! Here, you’ll learn all the aspects of treasure hunting using metal detectors you need to know.

Exactly How Does A Metal Detector Work?

A metal detector works by projecting magnetic fields via search coils which you wave back & forth on the ground. Each time a coil passes over some sort of metal, it not only senses magnetic distortion, but also sends a beep on your way. A variety of search coils usually project fields of different sizes and shapes. Therefore, it’s highly important to know what everyone can offer.

After comparing the highly popular metal detectors in the market today, it is authoritative to say that the following are the top 10 best metal detectors for the money in 2017:

1. Gold Digger Metal Detector

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This highly stylish metal detector has the ability to detect all forms of metal from household items, coins, relics to even precious metals such as gold and silver. In order to enjoy more privacy as you treasure hunt, the product comes with a 1/8’’ headphone jack and headphones for immediate use. It also boasts motion all-metal mode that’s handy at detecting almost all types of metal. Use this bounty hunter to find gold jewelry, lost silver or even pieces of history.

2. Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector

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The Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector isn’t your normal kind of detector. It’s a new way of thinking. It features a leading edge technology to help you find your metal within no time. It also boasts a rugged and aggressive design. Use this attention-stealing detector today to help you locate your next treasure.

3. Bounty Hunter QSI Metal Detector

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This bounty hunter is incredible for searching in both wet grass and sand. It features an 8’’ open waterproof coil, which is built to last. Use it to find iron, silver, gold, as well as other metal relics pretty much fast. It has the ability to detect coins that are buried 8 inches deep as well as larger items that are close to 3 feet down. It has an impressive automatic ground balance feature that helps you to disregard trash or any other undesirable item.

4. Swarm Series Digital Metal Detector

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It has a highly durable lightweight polycarbonate construction. Even though its digital backlit interface is large, it’s extremely simple to use. It can search and locate eight metal categories. Enjoy three elimination modes – jewelry, coin and all metal. You also get to enjoy a metal detector with four individual HD audio tones. Another impressive feature of this metal detector has to do with its depth and strength indicator in pin point mode.

5. Ground EFX Youth Metal Detector

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The detector boasts a highly durable design that’s built to withstand the rigors of children use. It features a simple eliminator control that’s handy in eliminating most unwanted items. It also brings with it a visual target indicator that has a battery OK test. What is more is the fact that it can detect coins that are up to five inches deep. Its volume levels usually vary depending the strength of a signal. It’s adjustable from 26-36 inches in terms of total strength.

6. Pile PHMD4 Treasure Hunter

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This weatherproof professional metal detector has integrated headphones that help uncover lost valuables. With this fully featured and amazing metal detector, you can be able to find artifacts and precious metals within a short time. Its amazing features include submergible and waterproof search coils, high sensitivity operation, headphones with an integrated detection circuitry etc.

7. Bounty Hunter Discovery-3300 Metal Detector

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This metal detector brings with it a manual ground balance that guarantee optimum performance even in more adverse conditions. It is the best deepest seeking detector. It features a three-digit target ID. The precise metal detector is ideal for accurately locating specific targets at depth. It boasts a preset ground balance that is incredible at neutralizing response to the mineral content in the ground.

8. Bounty Hunter Fast-Tracker Metal Detector

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This incredible bounty hunter delivers nothing short of an effective performance over an array of applications and conditions. It boasts an impressive design that offers high scalability, and availability for utmost performance and flexibility. It brings with it a sensitivity and power control. Furthermore, the metal detector features a dual-tone audio discrimination.

9. Garrett Ace 350 Metal Detector

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It brings immense power of a much improved DD search coil. Enjoy greater depth, better target separation and enhanced iron resolution with this detector. Finding gold nuggets, relics, jewelry, and coins has never been easier with this detector. There is no doubt about.

10. Tesoro Silver-uMax Metal Detector

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So what makes this model unique from the rest? It features an array of amazing attributes, which will help you enjoy value for money. It’s highly exciting to find out that years later, the company has remained true to ingredients that made it a cornerstone of the metal detectors line. For sure, you stand to get a friendly metal detector at a pocket friendly price.

The market today boasts an array of metal detectors all claiming to the best. It is therefore your obligation to search extensively in order to separate wheat from chaff. The best ones are accurate and comfortable. They have DD-style coils, which usually make canvassing large areas effortless. Additionally, they boast customization options, which grow with you even as you advance in the metal detection hobby. When in the market for the best metal detectors for the money, always remember that even the smallest functionalities and details can certainly have dramatic effects in your next treasure hunt.

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