Top 10 Best Mini Split AC Mounting Brackets in 2017 Reviews

Have you been looking for the ideal solution for safely securing your AC onto the wall and with optimal stability? Well, you might consider starting out with the best mini split AC mounting brackets. While the conventional brackets that are available with the machines are also stable, they don’t provide the same benefits as these types brackets. In fact, these mounting brackets are known for durability and their support for even the larger types of ACs that you might come across on most properties today. This is why we have highlighted some of the top-notch models for unique AC installation needs

10. Mounting Bracket for Mini Split Air Conditioner

Improve the functionality of your AC with this durable mounting bracket which comprises of heavy duty steel construction which is durable for long term performance. This mounting bracket features all the appropriate hardware for installing the condenser along with four expansion bolts for added convenience. Also, this unit also features four rubber vibration absorbers for added mounting performance. Users can also choose from four different sizes with the option of choosing a BTU that fits the output of your AC.

9. EZ-AC Air-Conditioner Support Bracket

Realize the convenience of using the EZ-AC Air conditioner which goes a long way in eliminating the risk of drilling and dropping out of the window during installation. Besides that, this unit also features unique steel hardware fasteners along with weather resistant powder coating finish which improves the lifespan of the bracket. Designed for optimal convenience, this bracket makes A/C installation safe, fast and simple every time. The rugged, solid and steel construction makes it ideal for long-term performance.

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8. KT04S Universal Window Air Conditioner AC Support Bracket

Change in which you install your AC unit by using the KT04S support bracket. This particular mounting bracket features a universal design which is compatible with the conventional window designs. With the exclusive precision bubble level, this AC provides the ideal mounting angle to suit your needs. It can also mount easily on any surface for added convenience. Best of all, the manufacturers this unit features an all weather stainless steel construction for added durability.

7. TopShelf Air Conditioning Mounting Bracket TSB-2438

Enjoy a reliable supply of fresh air by using the Top shelf TSB-2438 AIR conditioner which installs within minutes and with no need of using fasteners or additional hardware. This bracket works well with the single or double hung window for installation convenience. With its unique design, this mounting bracket helps you avoid damaging the structure and window sills. It has also been tested for a maximum load capacity of 200lbs, to make it safe, durable and convenient for any AC.

6. Outdoor Mounting Bracket for Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner

Equip your AC with better components by using this Outdoor mounting bracket that can fit most ACT types with ease. The simple, safe and convenient design makes installation a breeze. It also comes with an adjustable feature such that it can accommodate units capable of producing 36,000 BTUs. The mounting brackets do well to raise the condensing unit above the ground level for optimal protection. In fact, the two L shaped brackets come with a slight rearward tilt to the wall for added safety.

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5. Universal Window AC Air Conditioner Bracket

Ensure the safety of your AC by using a durable mounting bracket such as this Universal AC support bracket. This unit comes with a universal design which makes it compatible with almost any type of window style. With its all weather steel construction and easy door installation, this bracket support eliminates exterior work with no need to drill additional holes. The safe, convenient and durable design, means that the AC brackets relieve stress on the window and provides optimal sturdiness.

4. Universal Window Air Conditioner Bracket – AC Support

Improve the longevity of your AC by using this Heavy Duty AC bracket that features an all weather steel construction for optimal durability. The safe, convenient and durable design, means that this mounting bracket is perfect for a host of unique installation applications. With its unique bracket design, this unit does well to eliminate any exterior work and with no need to perform additional drilling on the side to achieve optimal functionality.

3. Mounting Bracket for Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioner

Make your AC much safer by using this mounting bracket which features a heavy-duty steel construction, which galvanized and epoxy painted for optimal durability. The entire set is available with all hardware for attaching the condenser along with four expansion bolt for convenient wall mounting. It is also available with four rubber vibration absorbers which help to improve the functionality of the unit. With four sizes to choose from, users can easily choose the ideal size for their specific machine.

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2. A/C Safe AC-160 Universal Heavy Duty Window Air Conditioner Support

Let your AC sit safely on the wall by using this particular mounting bracket which transfers the weight of the AC from the window sash and sill to the frame for the ideal safety for your machine. The unique design of this unit helps to reduce any likelihood of damaging the window parts outside the wall. In fact, the durable design of this mounting bracket means that it can support as much as 160lbs. More importantly, the all weather steel construction makes it ideal for endless performance for your AC needs.

1. AC Safe AC-080 Universal Light-Duty Air Conditioner Support Bracket

The AC safe AC-080 bracket has a universal design that adapts to almost any type of window. More importantly, the easy indoor installation helps to eliminate any exterior work and hassle associated with drilling. With its exclusive precision bubble level, this unit assures the ideal mounting angle to suit your needs. It can also fit various types of wall thickness and relieve any additional stress on the structure of your window.


Finally and in the broad view of things, choosing the appropriate components for your AC is as important as choosing the AC itself. For this reason, we recommend that you start with this best mini split AC mounting brackets reviews to help you ensure the stability and longevity of your AC at all times. They are simple to install, and most are designed using extra durable material for long term performance benefits.

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