Top 10 Best Swimming Caps in 2017- Buyer’s Guide

Are you a regular swimmer or a person who does not want to get hair wet in a shower? If it is yes, then there is a perfect product highly recommended for your needs. These top 10 best swimming caps for men and women are just right to cover your hair all the way and avoid water from entering. With these caps, you can assure that you will feel very comfortable with what you do, because, there are no worries anymore. The long hair won’t be annoying while swimming, and you can have your hair dry even after a bath.

Does a Swim Cap Keep the Hair Dry?

This is a common question that anyone who wants to buy a swimming cap would ask first. Initially, there were no waterproof swim caps, but currently, there are some brands which are waterproof. Therefore, if you go for the waterproof types then it is okay, but if you buy the non-waterproof, then you will always have to swim with your head above the water to avoid water getting into your hairs. It is also worth noting that the waterproof types are a bit expensive compared to the standard non-waterproof types.

What is the Need of Wearing a Swim Cap?

Besides keeping the hair dry while swimming, there are other many reasons why you need to put on the swim cap while swimming. These benefits apply to all types including the waterproof and the non-waterproofs.

  • The cap would protect your hair from chlorine which is always present in swimming pools.
  • Keep the long hair intact out of the face.
  • The cap would keep four head warm while swimming on open or cold water especially the neoprene cap
  • While swimming in open water, the bright cap makes the swimmer visible to other swimmers; hence preventing collision with other swimmers, boats, and surfers.
  • Wearing of a swimming cap helps in preventing water from becoming clogged with hair in a swimming pool. However, this reason does not apply to swimmers with a bald head.
  • It is alleged that wearing of a swim cap has something to do with speed and, therefore, in a competition, the swimmer with a swim cap would win. The assumption is that if a swim wears two caps, then he would swim even faster as it reduces dragging.

Types of Swimming Caps

Latex Swim Caps

As the name goes, these swim caps are made of latex rubber and are dated back to the 1920s. One of the best advantages of this type is the durability owing to the latex material used in its construction. It is still the most preferred type by swimmers. The ability to write on the cap using a permanent marker pen is another reason why most competing swimmers like them. The popular swimmer who leads in a competition can sign the cap and give to his/her fans just like the soccer players do to their jersey. However, the only demerit is the difficulty is wearing and removing it from the head given its small but stretchable size.

Lycra Swim Caps

Compared to the latex swimming caps, Lycra swim caps are a bit comfortable to wear. Most of them are made from the same materials as the swimsuit hence gives you a more uniform look. Also, their durability is commendable and surpasses the likes of silicone and latex caps. However, the only shortcoming for this type is that it slips off easily and is not waterproof too. This means that they don’t protect the hair completely against the water chlorine. Despite all, the Lycra swim caps remain the most expensive of all.

Neoprene Swim Caps

Neoprene swim caps are mainly designed to keep your head warm while swimming in the cold water. They are always made of the same materials as the wetsuits for triathletes and surfers. They are thicker than any other type, and this is why they keep the head warm. Besides, they are padded from the inside too to offer additional heat.  These caps have distinctive smells and are also very expensive.

Sizes and Shapes

Before engaging in the actual purchase, you have to determine the rightful size and shape of the swim cap that you need. The following are the basic sizes and shapes that one can consider.

Children: Swim caps for children are smaller in size compared to the standard ones for adults. They are purposely made for children and should not be used by adults even though they are stretchable.

Short-haired adults: In case you have short hair, you should ask for a short hair swimming caps. Even though they are of standard size, they do not stretch like the ones for long hairs.

Long-haired adults: These swim caps are also just like the short-haired type only that they have an additional inch or two longer when stretched fully. Even though they are effective, sometimes they tend to slip off easily especially if your hair is slippery.

The bubble swim caps: This type of helmet has a more helmet-like form and as a surface made of small bubbles. They are the best option for those with long hairs because of the bubble-like design. However, not many prefer it given its awkwardly rough appearance.

Swim Cap Care

With swim caps, you do not need to do much in caring for them. The simple basics entail washing in fresh water after use, rinse, and air dry. You can let it dry by hanging on a washing line but away from direct sunlight especially for the latex types. Furthermore, for the latex caps, you need to sprinkle some talcum powder in the inside after drying to prevent walls from sticking together. The latex rubber types always have a tendency of the walls sticking together after washing.

The Best 10 Picks in 2017

10. Swimming Cap for Long Hair,Firesara Waterproof Silicone Swim Cap for Ladies, Men & Kids

Ashiny’s swimming cap for men and women is made from high-quality silicone material which is super flexible. You can enjoy swimming without worrying about your hair getting wet. It also works on all types of hair, whether its short, long, thick or curly. And because the material used is a premium high-quality non-slip material, it is easy to put one and will not leak. More so, it has superior pressure to ensure sealing and keep you awake during your swimming time.

Unlike the latex type, you can be sure of the extreme quality, non-toxic as well as eco and skin friendly silicone cap which will not tear and may retain its shape. It even has extra strong silicone stretches twice of its size and has combined it with the benefit of less drag, therefore increasing your speed. Plus, it has a comfortable and ergonomic type nose clip and ear plugs included in the package.


  • Work on thick hair
  • Fits perfectly
  • Truly keeps hair dry
  • Keep water out at all
  • Very sturdy
  • Easy to put on
  • Comfortable to wear


9. SealBuddy Silicone Swim Cap, Nose Clip and Ear Plugs Combo Set

Unlike latex material, the quality of this swimming cap for men and women from SealBuddy is one of the outstanding. It is made from non-toxic, eco and skin friendly silicone that will not tear and retain shape. It is designed purposely for men and women with long hair for it can make extra strong silicone stretch twice its size. More so, it is very easy to get on and off with pulling your hair. It even has ergonomic ear pockets that reduce overpressure and stretches twice its size with zero snagging. The product is the perfect one for either recreational and top line completive events from regular swimming to synchronize swimming activities. Included in the package are non-pinch nose clips and three tiered ear plugs.


  • High quality
  • Perfect for long hair
  • Very durable
  • Has ear pockets
  • Also useful for showers
  • Protects hair from getting wet


8. Swim Cap For Women Men For Long Hair With Ear Protect Pouch Design – Allergy Free Waterproof Premium Anti-Rip Silicone Bathing Beach Cap Hat

Shvim’s swimming cap for men and women is an imported product made in the USA. The material used is anti-allergen silicone with long life capacity and a 100% food grade flexible silicone. This product is thick and heatproof quality that better protects your hair from sun exposure, salt, and chlorine. Also, it can keep your head warm from cold waters and bacteria. Moreover, it has an ear pouch design that reduces overpressure. It also fits excellent on large or medium heads with long or short hair because it is super elastic. It even stretches twice its size making it easy to put on and off and covers your entire hair no matter how long it is. This swimming cap is latex, toxic and allergy free, without a rubber smell like other caps.


  • Very durable
  • Doesn’t generate allergic reaction
  • Eco-friendly
  • Perfect for long hair
  • Fits perfectly on the head
  • Thick and strong


7. Vktech Silicone Swimming Long Hair Cap Ear Wrap Waterproof Hat for Women and Men

This swimming cap for men and women from Vktech is made of silicon material, environmentally friendly and without stimulation. This product is very waterproof and protects your hair from damage and corrosion caused by disinfectant in the water. More so, this is flexible enough and wear-resisting and long lifetime use. It even has a unique water drop design on the surface to make it look fashionable and with better appearance.


  • Perfect for people with long hair
  • Very durable and protective
  • Good quality
  • Has enough stretch
  • Very large enough


6. 2-IN-1 Premium Silicone Swim Cap – Reversible For Men and Women

Evooda’s swimming cap for men and women has two different usable sides. Each side has a different color. More so, it is made to slide on easily and stay on without snagging your hair.  Its design is a precision fit for reduced drag and tear resistance. At the same time, it can fits more sizes and add comfort in just three simple steps and is made with premium high-quality non-slip materials for short and medium hair. Also, this product will allow you to swim fast due to the premium silicone that reduces drag, making it suitable for men and women, young and adults. This swimming cap for men and women is made with high quality and is durable and non-slip material making it just right for different water sports at the beach or swimming pool and even on indoor hydrotherapy.


  • Fits nice
  • Snug great design
  • Reversible
  • Easier to put on
  • Did not pull hair
  • Keep hair dry for long use
  • Easy to mold and wash


5. Swimtastic – Long Hair Swim Cap – Specially Designed for Swimmers with Long, Thick, or Curly Hair

Swimtastic’s swimming cap for men and women is tailored with extra room for a comfortable fit even for long hair. This product is ideal for women and keeps your locks secure and tangle-free when you are in the pool. Also, it is made of 100% silicone which is very durable and aerodynamic, snag and tear-resistant. More so, this swimming cap comes in different color options; purple, pink, blue or black, making it perfect for kids and adults.


  • Fits perfectly on hair
  • Specifically made for long hair
  • Very durable
  • Easy to put on
  • Protects hair
  • Comes in selective colors


4. AZSPORT Swim Cap, Nose Clips and Ear Plugs Included, Blue

AZSPORT Swim Cap’s swimming cap for men and women is a must-have for both men and women swimmers. This product is very stylish and durable wherein you can enjoy water sports like synchronize swimming, water polo, and even triathlon when you don’t have to fuss about having your hair all over the place. Moreover, this product is made with the best high-grade silicone material, durable and non-slip making it perfect for different water sports at the beach, swimming pool or even for indoor hydrotherapy. This swimming cap is mainly made to fit adults, so there’s no problem in finding the right fit for you. Included in the package are nose clip and ear plugs.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Very durable
  • Perfect for long hair
  • Covers everything nicely
  • Protects hair perfectly
  • Easy to put on


3. TYR Wrinkle Free Silicone Cap

This swimming cap for men and women product from TYR is made with pure silicone from the USA. This is very popular in the racing world for its soft and durable material and will retain their colors for race seasons to come. This swimming cap product has a classic size larger enough to fit adults and children and as well as possess a new logo round wrinkle-free design for better fit and reduced drag. Plus, it has a non-slip interior tear resistant and is easy to put on.


  • Non-allergenic material
  • Great for longevity of use
  • Works great
  • The material feels thick
  • Very durable
  • Cool colors


2. Waterproof Extra-Large Swim Caps for Long Hair – Silicone Swimming Cap Dreadlocks Women & Ladies

Vitchelo’s swimming cap for men and women will keep your long hair dry and this waterproof swim can doesn’t leak. Much more, it is easy to put on and off without snagging hair and has extra large swim cap for long hair that fits most swimmers. At the same time, this swimming cap product has extra durability and can make an amazing stretch of a 100% silicone fabric for better comfort.


  • Very comfortable to use
  • Perfect for long and thick hair
  • Nice quality
  • Have bumpy ridges to help secure
  • Fits perfectly
  • Accommodates more hair


1. Speedo Silicone Long Hair Swim Cap

Speedo’s swimming cap for men and women is the top-selling product in its variety, the reason why it bugs the top of this review. This product is made from imported rubber which is lightweight, latex-free silicone that provides durable performance and optimum fit. Also, it has an on-and-off design that won’t snag hair. It even has extra space that allows long hair to be tucked inside without compromising a smooth fit. This product is designed to hug the head securely and to reduce drag, specifically for swimmers with long hair.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Very durable
  • Made from thick material
  • Fits perfectly
  • Won’t snag hair
  • Nice quality


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