Top 10 Best Wall Mounted Towel Racks for Bathrooms In 2017 Reviews

Have ever gone to a home and taken a shower there? There are two things that might have happened. Either you liked the bathroom, or you were frustrated. If you were frustrated, what were the reasons? They are many. Some of them include, you did not have a place to put your towel while taking a shower. This might be boring because your towel might have ended up being wet even before you used it. Having a rack in your bathroom then will help you to avoid embarrassing your guests. At the same time, you might have purchased one towel rack and ended up spoiling your white towels because they ended up being stained. This means that what you bought was not up to standard. That is why we have brought to your attention the best products on the market that will not disappoint you in any manner. They are also affordable.

1. Wall Mounting Rack

Sometimes you might need some little more room in your bathroom to store your towels. Go and buy this rack and it will solve all your problems. The installation process is also easy, and it won’t need much expertise. It has well-made dimensions for in-service use. In short, it has been made to fit its work.
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2. DecoBros Wall Mount Rack

It has multiple uses because you can use it as a wine rack or a towel rack. It has been fitted with a bathroom holder that you will use to fit it in the bathroom. It has great looks and functions well as it was described. It is also easy to install and can hold your towels well. It has two screws that you will use to hold it together. You can choose between the long screw or the drywall inset and a shorter screw. These screws give you the option to choose which one suits your bathroom.
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3. Minimalist Stainless Steel Towel Rack

One of the advantages of this rack is that it does not rust because it is made from high-quality stainless steel. It does not fade easily too. It has an inclusion of double towel bars and space for putting your extra essentials. This rack also has been built to resist scratches and any corrosion. It means that it will stay for a long time.
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4. Decorative bathroom towel hanger

It has a unique design. It has wall mounted hook storage rack that has been fitted with metal hooks and a wooden rail. The hooks are five in number, and each has a looped metal wire with two points (one small and one large). This means that you have ten places for hanging your towels and any other garment you want.
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5. Towel Rack with Concealed Screws

Madonna rack is perfect for organizational needs; it has a beautiful satin nickel finish that can match with any other Madonna bathroom accessories. The bars are made up of high-quality stainless steel, and they are easy to install. It looks great and is sturdy. The rack is well made and very modern perfect for your guest bathroom.
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6. All Shelf with Towel Rack

All shelf rack is large with great sturdiness, pretty, and functional. It is very easy to mount it on the wall with few anchors and screws. It can last for a longer time without being stained; it shines and looks beautiful for long. It has chrome finish with a modern look and its perfect for larger bathrooms.
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7. Bathroom Minimalist Towel Rack Shelf

It has a brushed steel finish to give you that final touch that you aspire. You should not be worried about your towels because there is no single day that they will acquire rust from this product. It comes with a standard mount and concealed screws that you will use for installation.
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8. Silver-Tone shelf rack and towel bar

This product will give you extra services more than you thought. It is lightweight, but it has an aluminum rack that has a shelf, towel bar, and two hooks. You can access your bathroom accessories or your favorite spices in the kitchen. You don’t need a technician because you easily mount it on the wall without any difficulty.
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9. Bathroom Swing Arm

This towel rack is not only attractive but also sturdy compared to other versions that are flimsy. Its high-quality bath sheets easily support the towels without them bowing or dropping the rods. In reality, they appear longer than they are in the pictures and hence cover a large area on the wall. Its hinges are fitted with nylon bushings between each joint. This makes them nice and tight. Hurry and buy one and enjoy what it can offer you.
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10. MODONA 24″ towel rack

If you are tired of assembling some racks that you buy, then this one will give you easy time during installation. It just has one solid piece, and you will only need screws to attach it to the wall. It has been finished with high-grade stainless steel and rubbed with bronze. It can also be used in commercial places.
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