Top 10 Best Zipper Binder In 2017 Reviews

Zipper binders, otherwise know as loose leaf, or ring binders that zipper, are large folders that contain either file folders, hole punched paper, or plastic sheets that can store items such as stamps or sports cards. Unlike a standard Ring Binder, Zipper Binders function exactly as their name sounds. They zip up on all sides to safeguard the binder’s contents by encasing them in a briefcase like setting. The zip up feature greatly enhances the protection of the binder’s contents, and helps to avoid the items inside from bending, wrinkling, or tearing. Sheets of paper are held in the binder by a circular or D-shaped retainer on which the contents are threaded. Typically the rings are spring loaded or secured by a lever arch mechanism.

Most zipper binders are manufactured from plastic with metal rings, although cloth is also a common material, and leather is used in more upscale binders. Early binder designs were patented in the early 1890’s up to the early 1900s. There are countless choices and brands on the market today. This article is intended to help save you a plethora of time by narrowing down those choices.

1. Case-it Mighty Zip Tab 3-Inch Zipper Binder, Blue, D-146-BLU

The Case-it D-146 Mighty Zip Tab Zipper Binder is a great looking 3-ring organization tool that contains a five-color tabbed expanding file folder, and a gusseted zipper providing easy access. There is a shoulder strap and carry handle that makes transport a breeze. The zipper was designed with an angle in order to make it faster and simpler to zip things up when packed with your valuable papers and other items. The D-146, like all of Case-it’s binders, incorporates Kraft board instead of PE board providing their binders with a firm, stiff shape that will not warp or buckle. Perfect for school or home use.
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2. Case-it 2-Inch Ring Zipper Binder, Purple, D-251-PUR

The Case-it 2-Inch Ring Zipper Binder contains three 2-inch rings. There is a built in shoulder strap and handle, along with a unique angled zipper designed to provide users with easy opening and closing. The outside full mesh pocket can hold many items, and there are also two inside pockets that are made to hold calculators, smartphones, and other cool stuff. The Case-it 2-Inch Zipper Binder is manufactured with an extremely durable nylon material.
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3. Five Star Zipper Binder Plus Multi Access File, 2-Inch Capacity

The Five Star Zipper Binder Plus contains two-inch rings that can hold up to 380 sheets of paper. The six-pocket expanding file holds an additional 550 sheets, and opens from both the inside and outside of the binder. This organizational tool is built to last out of durable plastic. There is also a large interior zippered pocket made from puncture resistant and extremely durable micromesh that holds items securely. A handle on the spine provides easy carrying.
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4. Five Star Zipper Binder, 1.5-Inch Capacity, 12.75 x 11.25 x 1 Inches, Black (72204)

The Five Star Zipper Binder, 1.5-Inch Capacity is guaranteed to last the entire school year. It contains a three pocket-expanding file that can hold up to 200 sheets of paper. This three-ring binder holds up to 300 sheets of paper on the 1.5-inch rings. The Five Star Zipper Binder has one interior and one exterior pocket to store larger items, and pen loops to hold smaller items. Throw it in your backpack without any worries, the Five Star Zipper Binder is built to last.
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5. Mead Zipper Binder with Maximum Storage, 3 Ring Binder, 2-InchRings

This Mead Zipper Binder holds up to 380 sheets of paper, and is made out of a durable fabric that is both resilient and tough. Keep all of your items protected with the zipper closure system. The exterior pockets secure items for additional storage, while the four interior pockets allow for storage of larger items, and keep you well organized year round.
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6. Case-it Z-Binder Two-in-One 1.5-Inch D-Ring Zipper Binders, Purple, Z-176-PUR

The Case-it Z-Binder is a two in one, 1.5-inch D-Ring binder with boosters. There are two outer folder pockets, two inner folder pockets for paperwork, and two inner full size pockets to store a plethora of other items. In addition, the Case-it Z-Binder contains six inner mesh pockets, and a built in handle with shoulder strap. Like all Case-it binders, the Z-Binder is made with a rigid body construction making it a durable organizer that will last a very long time.
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7. Five Star Zipper Binder, 1.5-Inch Capacity, 13.62 x 12.12 x 2.38 Inches

The Five Star Zipper Binder is a three-ring binder manufactured with an incredibly strong denier plastic cover. The 1.5-inch rings hold up to 300 standard size sheets of paper. Store all of your items securely in the huge interior zippered pockets that are made from a puncture resistant, and durable micromesh. Never lose your pens and pencils again, the Five Star Zipper Binder contains storage loops to keep them safe and sound.
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8. Mead 2-Inch Zipper Binder with Handle-Pink

The Mead 2-Inch Zipper Binder protects your valuable work, and contains a handle for easy carrying. This stylish 3-ring zipper binder, has multiple interior and exterior pockets to carry all of the items you need away from home. You are sure to stand out with vibrant pink fabric covering that is not only fashionable it is durable as well.
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9. Case-it Universal 2-Inch 3-Ring Zipper Binder

The Case-it Universal 2-Inch Ring Zipper Binder has two inside pockets to protect valuable items from the elements. There is also a comfortable shoulder strap and carrying handle for ease of transport. The exterior padded laptop or tablet pocket holds a device up to thirteen-inches. The patented angled zipper keeps the gusset out of the way when you are writing.
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10. Case-it Executive Zippered Padfolio with Removable 3-Ring Binder and Letter Size Writing Pad, Black, PAD-40

The Case-it Executive Zippered Padfolio is an extremely stylish zippered portfolio that contains a removable 1-inch three-ring binder, and letter sized writing pad. There is also a handle to transport it with ease. There are also protective document pockets, business card and ID slots, and pen and pencil holders. Buy now from Amazon

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