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Top 10 Wireless Home Security Camera System Reviews

A wireless home security camera system is the most valuable tool you can have for your home. It not only provides maximum protection for your property but also saves the lives of your family. Lately, crime rates have skyrocketed. Therefore, it is critical to put the safety of your home and property first. A home security camera, therefore, reduces your chances of being a victim. Wireless home camera systems are pretty simple and quick to install. It means you don’t have to look for expensive contractors to do the installation for you. Circuitry is a bonus that comes along with wireless security camera systems. Burglars and intruders often experience a hard moment bypassing them. Additionally, wireless home security cameras significantly cut down insurance. It translates to savings and also adds the resale value of your home. However, remember that installation brings the difference in how the camera will provide monitoring in your home. With a good home security camera, you can always have complete peace of mind knowing your property and family is both safe and security. Home security cameras come in different styles and types. The type of camera you choose is essential in determining the protection you will have. Here are the top 10 wireless home security camera system reviews.

1. YI Dome Camera Pan/Zoom/Tilt IP Camera Surveillance System

This is the most advanced as well as highly responsive camera that provides unmatched security monitoring for your home. It is equipped with an inbuilt anti-noise filter together with a vivid 2-way audio. It records and centers any moving object thus providing you with real-time recording experience when you are away from home. YI Dome is both intuitive and user-friendly and allows you to customize the experience you want such as camera sharing. Activity alerts, auto-cruise, bookmarks, and settings. There is no monthly subscription all you do is to store your recordings in a local storage SD card. It includes a versatile mount that allows for maximum 360-degree coverage regardless of where you install your camera. The camera enables you to experience the safety of your home in a much different angle without necessarily lifting a finger or two.

2. YI Home Wireless IP Security Surveillance Camera System

If all you need is real-time protection for your home, then this is the camera to buy. It records 720p quality High Definition and ultra-clear images. It means you can capture the original image quality with its wide-angle lenses. The camera also comes with excellent zooming capabilities meaning you can customize the type of images you want to capture. YI Wireless camera is equipped with a non-invasive sensor, so it never poses any nuisance to home occupants. It alerts you whenever it detects any unwarranted movement. Once you buy this camera, you don’t have to subscribe anything. You can connect your YI Home App to your home Wi-Fi and stream anything you want.

3. Amcrest Pro HD 1080p Wireless IP Camera System

This is a revolutionary camera that enables you to capture stunning quality videos at30fps. It has an outstanding super broad field of view of 90-degrees and allows you to zoom, tilt and do remote panning. You will also be impressed with its IR LED that provides up to 32 feet night vision. Amcrest ensures that everything at home is safe by answering several worrying questions about property and children. If you need a comprehensive surveillance camera while not digging too deep into your pockets, then this is the brand to consider. It comes with optional 7, 15 and 30-day cloud storage, so you are never coaxed into paying subscription fees. Besides, there is also a lifetime support and a generous 1-year warranty.

4. Amcrest 960H Video Security System

Amcrest 960H is a surveillance camera you can install anywhere around your home as it is weatherproof. It is designed from IP66 heavy duty metal so it can withstand extreme weather conditions. You can use it both indoors and outdoors. What makes this camera worth every penny is the massive storage of 500GB HDD that allows you to store as many recordings as possible. In fact, it can be expanded to 3TB. Moreover, it is equipped with a 24 IR LED that detects low light conditions at dusk and deactivates at dawn. It is a versatile camera that you can use for both residential and business surveillance needs.

5. Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Camera System

Take the safety of your home to the next level with this legendary surveillance camera. Zmodo camera is the easiest and quickest camera system to setup. It records vivid quality 720p images with its high-resolution camera even in horribly low light conditions. Additionally, it has automatic Infrared lights that work up to 80ft night vision meaning it can take monitor what’s happening in the dark. Remember to download the Zmodo app from Google Play store and enjoy security like never before.

6. Zmodo 720p IP Surveillance Network Camera

This gives you an incredible experience right from setup to functionality. All you need is to follow the simple installation guide and have your system working right away. It has an app that allows you to stay connected at all times with real-time notifications. Zmodo 720p features excellent recording that gives you sharp and crisp images both at day and night. It is packed with stunning record rate of 100fps. Moreover, you can choose from the three different recording modes i.e. normal, intelligent and motion activated. It also has a night vision of up to 65ft and can operate in a broad temperature range of 14-122 degree Fahrenheit. Zmodo is weatherproof, and you can install it anywhere you want both indoors and outdoors.

7. Dream Liner Wi-Fi Booster 960p HD Security Surveillance Camera

This comes with an inbuilt router booster that ensures you enjoy stable and reliable connection at all times. It has a 960p 1.3 MP High Definition camera that captures undeniably vivid images and videos even at night. The camera provides easy live viewing, and alongside this, it provides you with remote smartphone and computer playback so you can have full security status of your home. Another notable and outstanding feature is the IP66 outdoor night vision that monitors up to 1000ft. It supports multi-angular recording modes so you can choose based on your preferences.

8. Black Label Cam Pro Full HD 1080p Surveillance Camera System

A recording is no recording unless it has a clear viewing, bright colors, fluid movement and sharp details. The full HD 1080p records crystal-clear videos and images that are life-like. Featured is a 2-way audio with a built-in mic and speaker that allows you to speak and respond to whatever is going on at home. Moreover, it has a Pan and Tilt control that enables you to have a 360-degree viewing. There is a built-in SD card for storing the recorded files so you can retrieve later. It comes with a quick setup brochure that enables you to set up freely. If you need an economical camera that falls within the budget while not inflicting on your wallet, then go for this.

9. Funlux 4CH NVR 720p HD 1-MP Wireless Security Camera

You never run short of storage space as this camera comes with a massive 500GB HDD. With the smart notifications, you can be sure to stay connected at all times whenever and wherever. It records 720p high-quality images giving you sharp and crisp images at night and day. Any unexpected movement is monitored, recorded and you are notified. You can playback all the recorded videos wherever you are with your smartphone. Furthermore, you can expand this camera and personalize to enjoy custom security solutions in your home or business. Download the intuitive app on your smartphone or tablet and enjoy smart recordings.

10. Techage 720p CCTV Camera Surveillance System

Techage camera comes with a vast storage space of 1TB sufficient to store all your recordings. It comes with an incredible night vision IR up to 20 meters. Since it is a plug and play type, it is one camera that is pretty simple to set up with a DIY installation guide. It also enhances Wi-Fi performance even within walls and other obstacles for up to 150 meters. The outer part is composed of a durable aluminum alloy that protects your camera from damages. With a working temperature of up to 55 degrees, you can use it in anywhere and at all seasons round. It is the most convenient surveillance camera that enables you to safeguard your property and family.

Surveillance cameras are a necessity in the current crime-filled society. They are essential in case you feel your safety is in compromise. If you are looking forward to buying one, then the above are some brands you can consider.

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