Top 15 Best Razor Electric Scooters In 2017 Reviews

When new technology arrives, then it has to benefit everyone, from the youngest to the oldest. I got some students one time who were under punishment for consistently being late to school. I got concerned and tried to dig the matter because whenever I went to work, I always found the same students under punishment. They always said that it was due to the traffic jam that was created by vehicles, but that was no easy excuse to make you late. It might have been genuine, but they could have sought for alternative options. I trailed one student and realized that it was true the traffic was getting him late to school. I visited his parents for some inquiries about their son’s consistent lateness. They said that they were also worried about it. But when I advised them not to use vehicles for transport and use alternative means like this razor scooters, I got a good report that their son was always early to school and back home without any problem. You can also use these bikes to save time.

1. Razor E200 Scooter

This is a sleek electric scooter that has an ultra-quite chain driven motor and twist-grip throttle. It was designed by a hand operated brake to give you assurance whenever you want to stop. This razor scooter cruises at speeds of up to 12km/h. The tires are made of high quality so that they provide you with a smooth ride.
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2. Razor E100

This is a sleek scooter that has a quiet belt driven motor and twist throttle. When you start to start it, it requires only a small manual kickoff of 3 mph before the trigger engages the motor. The handlebar is adjustable. When you buy it, it means that people of all sizes can use it.
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3. Razor EcoSmart

It is a battery powered electric sit-down scooter. It has been fitted with a bamboo deck and powder coated frame for emissions-free transportation. The fitted motor has a 500-watt torque. This means that you won’t get worried of the engine breaking down. It will transport you to your destination without any problem.
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4. Razor E300

This is a cool electric motor with a wonderful size deck and frame for riders 12 years and under. People have been asking, what is the fastest razor electric scooter? The answer is here. It can reach speeds of up to 15km/h. The pneumatic tires are a surety that you won’t suffer from tire bursts anytime soon. You only need to charge it for 12 hours, and the scooter is ready to go. Buy it and let your kids have fun.
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5. Razor E90

This is a perfect transition scooter that starts from a kick to electric. After it has started, it can travel up to impressive speeds of 9 mph. it features a push button throttle, an enhanced brake system, and rubber grips. It has a lighter weight, meaning that it can go longer than any other kick scooters.
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6. Razor E100

It uses a simple kick-start motor that can make you travel up to speeds of 10 mph. This scooter has been powered by a long lasting rechargeable 24V seal battery system. You only need to charge the battery for 12 hours, and it is ready to take you places.
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7. Razor E200

Cruise at velocities of up to 12 mph with this scooter that is powered by a long-lasting 24V battery system. It features a rear hand operated brake system, a spring loaded kickstand, and a large 8-inch pneumatic tires that are destined to give you a smooth ride. You can use it continuously for 40 min before you recharge again.
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8. Razor E90

It uses a simple kick-start motor that can make it travel at nine mph. This is a new cool zippy electric scooter that features a push button throttle, a single battery, and a foot break. Because of its light weight feature, the E90 can go longer than the others and is easier to transport without giving up power.
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9. Razor E300

This is one of Razors speediest electric motors in this category. The larger deck, frame, and tires make it ideal to be used by both teens and adults. Just twist the throttle and feel the thrill of electric power transporting you to places. For superior comfort, the tires are wide. The best machine that you should put in your home is this scooter.
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10. Razor RX200

With this new device in the market, it is there to bring you new experiences that you have never got. If you buy it, it simply means that the ride will begin where the pavement will end. This is a new off-road fashion that has been brought into the market that can go to all the places and paths that you might think of comfortably. Just buy it test its intelligence. Buy now from Amazon

11. Razor E300S

It can sail at speeds of up to 15 mph and is the fastest razor scooter. forget about standing all the way in your journey, buy this scooter and you will be sited until you reach your destination. It is powered by a long-lasting 24V battery system. It has also been fitted with a wider deck so that it is useable for all sizes of people. So, your size does not matter, just buy it and it will serve you well.
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12. Razor E100

You only need to twist the hand once and see the blue lights illuminate your way. It has been made especially for people with eight years and above. It has been made with a steel frame and fork construction. The device can run up to 12 hours even if the lights turn green signaling that your charge is getting low.
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13. Pulse Safe Start Disney

Let you small kids enjoy riding themselves by buying them this scooter. It has been fitted with a steering limiter, which means that it has a safe maneuverability. It has been made low, so that your kids and gravity are combined to give the best stability of the machines.
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14. Razor E200S

This is a cool electric scooter that has a full-size deck and frame for riders of all ages. It can cruise up to maximum speeds of 15 mph and is the fastest razor electric scooter. it has a cushioned seat so that you have maximum comfort while you sit on it. The pneumatic tires are the best because they ensure that you have a smooth ride all the way to your destination.
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15. Razor E325

The extra large deck frame that has been constructed in the scooter tells you that it is suitable for people of all sizes. It is driven by a quiet chain drive motor that reaches speeds of up to 15 mph. so if you are age 12 and older, just order this product, and it will be at your doorstep waiting to take you places that you want. Buy now from Amazon

These razor scooters are affordable in our stores. Others might deceive you but us, as the sellers don’t only feature at selling them, but also ensure that our customers get good quality products at fair prices. We all like to make you happy, and you won’t regret tit when you buy from us. Make a wise decision as you have done always and make your order now.

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