Top 15 Best Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus Screen Protectors In 2017 Reviews

If you own cell phone, you likely understand the importance of extending the life span of your phone. One way to maximize a phone’s lifespan is to purchase products that will protect it from a variety of problems such as cracked or broken screens. In order to protect your cell phone’s screen, one must invest in a screen protector; screen protectors come in different strengths and sizes and offer scratch protection, crack protection, colour fading protection, and even water or moisture damage protection. There are a large number of screen protectors available to buy, but some stand out and offer more protection than others. Below, you will find a list of the top 15 Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus screen protectors – all in which are dependable, high quality, and highly protective.

1. ArmorSuit MilitaryShield

ArmourSuit’s MilitaryShield screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus is the top US-made screen protector available; it provides long-lasting protection and security against scratches, dust, smudges, and fingerprint marks. Not only does it offer this protection, it offers a clear and smooth surface that looks like glass. This ensures that your phone screen is still completely visible. The screen protector is made with self-healing technology and military grade material that ensures the toughest and most reliable protection. Each protector is designed to perfectly fit your phone and are easy to apply and remove which makes using them hassle-free.
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2. SuperShieldz Screen Protector

SuperShields HD screen protector is perfect for protecting your phone screen from scratches, fingerprints, cracks, and other smudges/marks. Coming with a lifetime replace warranty, this screen protector will fit your phone screen perfectly. It is made from Japanese PET film that is durable, high quality, and 100% bubble free. It can be easily applied and removed and will ensure that you are able to see your screen in the highest definition for maximum picture and resolution. This reliable, high definition screen protector is the perfect screen protector for high level screen protection as well as high quality imaging.
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3. Skinomi TechSkin

This Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus compatible screen protector is designed to perfectly fit your phone screen. It is laser cut and created to offer the highest level of protection and screen coverage. Made out of flexible material, this screen protector is able to protect even curved surfaces/devices. The material is also self-healing, military-grade, and tough which protects your phone screen from scratches, punctures, marks, colour fading, UV rays, and cracks. It is made to be easy to apply and can be applied without errors or bubbles. The Skinomi TechSkin screen protector is also transparent and glass-like which makes the screen high defined with a “true touch” feel.
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4. Dmax Armour Premium Screen Protector

The max Armour Premium Screen Protector is one of the highest quality screen protectors in today’s market. It can be applied easily through dry application and is bubble resistant to ensure professional and glass-like appearance. The screen protector is created with a high definition transparency film that provides high quality definition on one’s phone screen. The film is self-adhering, does not leave bubbles, and does not leave residue once removed. The benefits of this screen protector include a risk-free lifetime replacement warranty and protection from scratches, marks, fingerprints, and bubbles. It is created so that users are able to use their phone screen easily and clearly while keeping their phone screen looking brand new.
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5. TechFilm Screen Protector

This Japanese PET Film made screen protector is bubble resistant and created for easy application and removal. It offers maximum screen protection through a variety of ways; these include scratch coverage, dust coverage, daily wear coverage, and tear coverage. It provides users with crystal clear clarity and high durability that makes the screen protector trustworthy and reliable. The screen protector comes with a lifetime warranty that will replace any protectors easily and for free. Its perfect fitting to your phone will ensure the highest protection and easy use.
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6. PLESON Screen Protector

As you know, phones can be an expensive but a highly needed investment. Protecting its screen is important and the PLESON screen protector provides maximum screen coverage. Not only does this cover the front screen of the phone, it covers the back of your phone. It is created with curved edges which covers the phone from edge-to-edge; it is glass-like in appearance and provides a “true touch feel”. This screen protector protects the front and back of your phone from a variety of things such as bubbles, residue, scratch, and dust. The PLESON screen protector is a screen protector that will make your expensive investment last; you will get the most out of your phone over an extended period of time, and your phone will look brand new.
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7. Voxkin Protective Cover

The Voxkin Protective Cover is a screen protector that offers protection against smudges, fingerprints, cracks, scratches, and dirt. The protector is coated with an oleophobic coating that prevents the screen from looking dirty or dull. It is created with high-grade glass that does not change the phone’s resolution, touch sensitivity, and transparency. If you have a case for your phone, you will not have to worry about this screen protector not working with your phone case, as they work with all cases. It is bubble-free which allows easy application and designed and cut to perfectly fit your phone which ensures maximum coverage.
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8. Enther Screen Protector

Enther is a company that is known for its high quality products; their phone protectors are reliable, durable, and highly protective. The screen protects are created with glass and have a clear shock-resistant layer. The screen provides high-touch sensitivity and provides protection from scratches; the protection against scratches is so high that it can be compared to the diamond’s scratch resistance. Not only does this screen protector protect phone screens from scratches, it prevents finger prints or smudges, impact protection, and shock coverage. The shock coverage is designed to take 5 times the impact.
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9. Aerb Premium Screen Protector

This 2 pack of screen protectors are compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge as Plus as well as the Galaxy Note 5. Users can enjoy a lifetime replacement warrant and excellent customer service when purchasing an Aerb screen protector. The screen protector is flexible and made with material that allows coverage on all of the phone. It protects your phone screen from daily wear, oils, fingerprints, smudges, and unwanted scratches. With this screen protector, you will not have to worry about it turning yellow or affecting the transparency of your screen; you will also not have to worry about not having a nice touch experience, as it feels just like the natural screen.
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10. JETtech Tempered Glass Screen

This screen protector is 0.2mm thin and provides full protection and high quality touch sensitivity. It is made of premium tempered glass and is designed in a curve to perfectly fit the entire phone screen. Although thin, this screen protector is hard and can resist scratches up to 9H; this is compared to diamonds that are rated at 10H. This screen protector makes your phone screen dust-free, fingerprint free, scratch-free, and bubble-free. It is easy to apply, highly responsive, and highly transparent which makes your phone look natural and glass-like. In this screen protector package, you will receive one screen protector, a cleaning cloth, and instructions to allow users to apply the protector without hassle. Buy now from Amazon

11. Stalion® Shield Ultra HD Armor Guard Protection

This screen protector comes in a variety of colours that match your phone; some of the colour options include black platinum, gold platinum, white pearl, and clear. This makes your phone look pleasing and also provides maximum screen protection. The protector fits your screen from edge-to-edge and is scratch resistant, touch sensitive, anti-fingerprint, dust resistant, and daily wear reducing. It also protects your screen from unwanted scratches, smudges, and oils due to its high quality Japanese PET material. It is durable, glass-like, and comes with a hassle-free lifetime warranty.
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12. JetTech Premium Glass Protector Film

Like the other JetTech screen protector listed above, this screen protector is a highly responsive and shatterproof screen. This will allow continued and easy use of your phone screen as well as protection from unexpected drops or pressure to your phone screen. Not only is it responsive and shatterproof, it is scratch resistant, anti-fingerprint, bubble free, glass-like, and rainbow-effect proof. The screen protector is easy to apply and is designed to fit every part of your phone screen.
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13. APLUS Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The APLUS tempered glass screen protector is a highly durable and reliable screen protector. Its perfectly cut size and rounded borders ensure the protector fits your phone perfectly which provides the highest level of screen protection. The screen protector provides protection and coverage from fingerprints, scratches, damage, and cracks that can be caused from daily wear, dropping, hitting, or shocking. It is easy to apply and, when taken off, there is no residue. The protector will not affect the sensitivity and touch of your screen as well as the screen resolution and definition. For a high quality screen protector for your phone, try the APLUS tempered glass screen protector.
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14. DeltaShield BodyArmor

The DeltaShield BodyArmour is a screen protector that offers military-grade phone screen protection. The high quality screen protector provides coverage on a variety of screen issues/situations such as yellowing, daily wear, scratches, scuffs, and fingerprints. The phone protector is created with a 99.9% ultraclear film that allows users to enjoy the original clarity of their phone screen. Its glass-like appearance makes the phone, and its screen, look brand new, and its design is created to fit the phone perfectly for maximum protection. This product comes with 3 protectors, an installation sponge, a cleaning cloth, and instructions.
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15. Tech Armor High Definition Curved Screen Protector

This screen protector is designed to provide the highest quality protection and coverage to your phone screen. With this screen protector, you will not have to worry about your whole phone screen not being covered, as it is designed to perfectly fit your phone screen and all of its curves and edges. The protector is thin, clear, and glass-like which makes the phone look as if there is no screen protector applied. While using this screen protector, you will not have to worry about dust or other debris getting under the protector. You will also not have to worry about protecting your phone from scratches, daily wear and year, and bubbles, as this is the protection and coverage it offers users. This screen protector is easy to apply and does not affect the accuracy and sensitivity of your touch screen. For maximum coverage and excellent customer service and problem resolution, a lifetime warranty is provided to buyers. Buy now from Amazon

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