Top 20 Best Indoor Bike Trainers 2017 Reviews

By pedaling, the internal magnet creates resistance to different levels so you can train indoors on a rainy day, and exercise any time you want. This is an excellent investment for those who want to ride their bike, train for a race, or bike indoors during unfavorable weather conditions. Some people are simply more comfortable exercising and biking indoors too. These indoor bike trainers are perfect for anyone to use!

1. Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand

This Number One best seller indoor bike trainer on Amazon, is a highly-rated exercise unit that has five internal resistance settings for the perfect workout. With a very quiet and low-noise design, there is no need to wake the kids or roommates during late night or early morning workouts With an easy-to-fold design for storage and travel, this heavy duty steel frame is strong and durable for indoor or outdoor cycling. This cycling trainer is easy to set up for almost any bike—this includes road and mountain bikes with 26-inch, 27-inch, or 700c wheels. This model has 5 levels of resistance; just start pedaling and the internal magnet creates the resistance that you can change right from your handle bars.
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2. Kinetic Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Bike Trainer

This bike trainer is constructed by high-quality components, and comes fully assembled. Kinetic is one of the most popular brands in cycle trainers and this model provides a smooth, quiet, and progressive resistance that replicates outdoor bicycle rides. This training bike allows you to train like professionals and is the most flued trainer available. This unit has a lifetime warranty; durable to last a lifetime. This unit pairs up with the Kinetic InRide Watt Meter for extreme power training.
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3. Conquer Indoor Bike Trainer Portable Exercise Bicycle Magnetic Stand

This highly rated exercise bike stand by Conquer is made of heavy duty construction with extra stability created by an extra wide frame. This unit folds quickly and easily for portability and ability to move it indoors or outdoors. With a single adjustment, you can create a progressive magnetic resistance with every pedal on this bike trainer. This unit is compatible with 26-inch, 27-inch, and 700c bikes and includes a front wheel riser block. The sturdy mounting cups reduce slippage and contains a quick release.
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4. RAD Cycle Products MAX Racer Bicycle Trainer Work Out

This innovative bike trainer contains 7 levels of resistance for the biker—that’s two more levels of resistance than the norm. The user can easily train indoors or outdoors all year around, so you don’t have to rely on perfect weather to train on your bicycle. This unit folds easily for transportation and for easy storage. This unit fits both mountain bikes and road bikes and operates quietly. Included is a front wheel anti-slip pad.
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5. RAD Cycle Products Indoor Portable Magnetic Work Out Bicycle Trainer

This cycle trainer by RAD creates an ultra-quiet, internal magnet resistance. Being extremely portable, you can take this trainer indoors or outdoors, biking where you please whenever you want. No need to rely on the weather to train, you can train anytime day or night and have the maximum stability one can offer with this heavy-duty stand. It has wide legs and a sturdy frame that makes this brand a professional favorite.
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6. Indoor Bike Trainer Exercise Stand,

This indoor bike trainer stand, by Gavin, has a heavy duty construction with a wide frame for extra stability. It folds quickly like an ironing board and has mounting cups that reduce slippage. With a simple adjustment, you can use progressive magnetic resistance modes. This stand is compatible with 26-inch, 27-inch, and 700c bicycles and includes a front-wheel riser block.
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7. Ascent Fluid Trainer

This bike trainer by Ascent is a nice-looking and sturdy training stand that is a Number One New Release on Amazon in Bike Resistance Trainers. With smooth resistance on solid frame, this bike trainer uses the bike’s gears to vary pedaling RPMs to vary your workout intensity. Quiet and smooth, you can use this training stand day or night without waking up the kids or disturbing the household. Rain or shine, you can train anytime with the Ascent Fluid Trainer.
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8. Soozier Kinetic Resistance Cycling Indoor Bike Trainer Stand

This bike stand trainer by Soozier is a sturdy, reliable, easy-to-fold unit that is easy to travel with or put into storage, leaving a small footprint in the home. With a precision-machined roller, this reduces tire-wear and is an excellent bike trainer to keep up your cardio and get you ready for a big race, or simply exercise because cycling works for you!
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9. Tacx Vortex Smart Home Trainer 2015

The Tacx brand is known for its quality and portability. The resistance of this stand is indicated for levels between training and can reach up to a maximum of 950 w resistance! What makes this stand different from the rest, is that it features connection options for PC, tablet, or smartphones. You can train with a laptop, tablet, or your smartphone wirelessly and through Bluetooth, which is perfect for keeping track of your progress. This unit includes a skyliner front wheel support and a realistic 7% slope. This highly interactive bike trainer takes training into the 21st century and allows you to make the most of your workout.
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10. Radical Deal Indoor Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Exercise Trainer Stand Resistance Stationary.

This stand by Radical Deal was designed to be quiet and portable, with a heavy duty frame that can easy be stored away or carried outdoors and indoors for the perfect location to bike. This stand has a state-of-the-art magnet system provides a progressive system of resistance, which increases as the speed of the user’s pedaling increases. Fit for just about any bike with options for using 26-inch, 27-inch, and a 700c bikes, this stand is perfect for those who wish to easily bike and increase magnet resistance with speed intensity. Buy now from Amazon

11. Conquer Pro Indoor Bike Trainer

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This trainer is easy to set up and better option when there’s bad weather. If you’re looking to stay fit, then this is the right cycling trainer for you. It has sturdy steel frame which can fold to make convenient storage. It has five speed variable units to meet your workout needs. This trainer has been designed for bikes and quick release wheels. The extra wide frame will offer you maximum stability and the trainer comes with front wheel riser block.

12. Bike Lane Pro Trainer

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This is the most extremely portable trainer and you can fold it down like ironing board and take it while on the go and storing it is a snap. It has robust and sturdy stand to make it more stable and the extra wide legs and sturdy frame will make your trainer the pros choose. It has been made from the finest material to make the machine durable and reliable. You can now turn that bike into indoor exercise bike and it comes with riser block. This is the right machine to make you stay health and fit.

13. Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer

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Don’t allow the bad weather dictate you when you can have your own indoor bike trainer which has durable frame that can fold away to ease storage and transportation. It has wide foot base to ensure maximum stability during your hardest training session. It only needs few seconds to set up and using it is a snap. If you have road bike, mountain bike, 28” or 26” bike, then this is your ideal choice. It has magnetic resistance hub that will offer you smooth and also consistent resistance and the handle bar controller will enable you adjust resistance on fly.

14. Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand

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This trainer is quite and it produces very minimal noise and has smooth magnetic resistance. It has flexible resistance setting to allow you slowly adjust the resistance levels based on your physical condition. The wide stable frame will offer you solid performance during your hard efforts. This trainer can be folded down to make storage and transportation easy. You can fine tune the wheel and tire using micro adjust knob. It can hook up to about any bike which is a great bonus. Stay healthy by using this trainer.

15. Mag Resistance Bicycle Trainer Kit

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This trainer kit will help keep you in good shape always during the times when you don’t feel like getting out riding. It has simple hand screwed clamping method that will securely hold the bike and the resistance is provided by magnets. The wide steel frame will offer you maximum stability as you ride and you will ride safely and securely without any fear. This trainer will enable you ride all time and no more dreading riding indoor when you have this trainer. It doesn’t produce noise and it will keep you in good condition when the weather doesn’t allow.

16. Bike Bicycle Trainer Stand

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This machine is perfect for in home training and you won’t incur the cost of buying full exercise bike and assembling and attaching it is a snap. This trainer is portable and it is easy to assemble. The adjustable tension will enable you have variable workouts based on your preference. It has smooth and quite operation with minimal noise and it is a great bonus when the weather is bad. The trainer can fold down when you don’t need it and when you want to take it, it will be easy for you. It is lightweight and sturdy for your tough workouts.

17. Yaheetech Indoor Magnet Steel Bike

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This machine is stout and easy to assemble. It operates quite with little noise which is not annoying and its sturdy construction will make your trainer last you longer. The foldable design will make your trainer a good choice when you want to transport or store it. It has premium steel color which will resist rust and retain its color longer. It is compatible with most bikes with wheel size of 26 inch and 700C wheel. It has clamp lock down on quick release or you can use the bolt on rear wheels.

18. Gotobuy Trainer Stand

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The heavy duty construction of this trainer will enable you have reliable trainer for years to come. it doesn’t produce annoying noise as you cycle and with this trainer in your noise, you won’t have to expose yourself to the bad weather when you want to get fit and healthier. It has foldable compact design which is a great bonus when it comes to transport and storage. It can fit bikes with wheel of 26 inch and 700C. This is the best trainer which will offer you reliable services at the comfort of your home.

19. Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand

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The quiet internal magnetic will create resistance as you start to pedal. You can shift the gears on the bike and you will increase the resistance. The trainer is extremely portable and it can be folded down to ease storage and travel. It has sturdy and robust construction which will offer you maximum stability and the wide legs will make your trainer a great purchase. It has finest material making the trainer durable and has proven reliability. It is easy is easy to assemble and the low noise production will make you enjoy pedaling right there at your house.

20. Magnetic Bike Bicycle Trainer

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It comes with fee front wheel block plus quick release skewer and it can fit any quick release bike like mountain bike, hybrid and road bikes. It has magnetic resistance with eight resistance levels and it will meet your needs about resistance and also speed. It has foldable design to make storage and travel easy. It has been designed with heat dissipation fan and now you can enjoy your workout in house and forget about that bad weather which has been dictating you. It comes with manual to make assemble easy and this thing can be a smarter gift which your spouse or friend will love.

These bike trainer stands are perfect for indoor and outdoor use for pros and amateurs alike. For those who just want to exercise indoors or outdoors, those training for a race, and those who are bike enthusiasts, these stands are perfect for when the sun isn’t shining, when it’s raining, or because you simply wish to train indoors. These models are all quiet and make very little noise, making it ideal for those with children or busy households.

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