Top 20 Best Travel Raincoat For Women In 2017 Reviews

A travel raincoat is a compulsory item for every one’s backpackers. When traveling you don’t have to risk being rained when the rain took place, and also you will not risk yourself because you don’t know the weather of the country you are traveling to. When you are choosing the correct raincoat, you have to ensure that it is packable and water resistance. Raincoats are plenty in the market but finding the perfect one that fits your needs is not an easy task. We have selected the best ten raincoats for women that are machine wash, windproof, and waterproof, and they are lightweight. The raincoats we have been well made, portable and packable, so you don’t need to carry heavy luggage when you are traveling. Take your time and select the best raincoat that will fit you today and don’t ever be wet when it rain.

1. Mycra tea length Donatella fashion travel raincoat

This jacket folds flat and small, and it unwrinkles itself after hanging. It has a good room underneath for an extra layer, and its hood saves the problem of bringing a hat waterproof in a moderate rain. It has zips in its pocket, and you can put your mobile phone and protect it. Purchase this jacket and you will see how very lightweight it’s and compact and it will cover the entire of your body.
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2. Tea length Donatella fashion travel raincoat

This raincoat is very nice, and you can wear it during casual events and any other special events throughout the year. It has a bell-shaped design that makes it your favorite choice coat to travel with. The coat fits well and swings below your knee. This coat will fit well with all layers of your clothing including dresses, gown, and wide leg slacks. It has hidden inner buttons and long sleeves button at its wrist. Order it today and enjoy the happiest moments throughout the season.
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3. Women’s lightweight UV protect coat

If you are hunting for a raincoat that is light, then this is your choice. The coat will not occupy huge space in your bag, and it will protect you against. The coat comes with its small carrying pouch, so you don’t need to carry an extra pouch. Order this coat for your lovely lady and she will enjoy wearing it during summer, it will keep her dry when it rain. Don’t be wet during the rainy season; this coat should be your friend. The jacket is easy to fold, and it’s great for camping and fits your travel need.
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4. Long raincoat zips in hood with travel pouch

You don’t need to carry heavy coat during your travel; this coat is as light as a feather, and its water repellent. It has an end button closure, and its material is 100% nylon, wear this coat during travel and you will be assured that you will not be wet. It has good texture and easy to clean, and it dries up quickly. Don’t be wearing a cotton sweater during the rainy season when this coat exists. Order your today and enjoy yourself when it rains.
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5. Easy carried rain coat wind coat

You don’t need to carry umbrellas and a heavy sweater when you are traveling when this coat exists in the stock. The jacket is light, and it’s well made it’s waterproof and its 100% nylon. It’s easy to fold and dries quickly. Don’t ever care for the rain when you want to explore the world, grab your money and order this jacket, you will no longer be wet again.
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6. ExOfficio women’s rain logic trench

This is a perfect raincoat that can be worn daily for wind and rain. It has pockets for your stuff, well made and last longer. It is a classy length that can keep the tops of your thighs dry when it rains. Purchase this trench and it will worth all of your money. It will not take much of space in your pouch; it’s packable and fashionable for your travel. Be warm when it rains by wearing this trench.
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7. Columbia women’s Switchback II Jacket

The jacket is 100% polyester, and it has a zipper closure. It’s very light and roomy with a Velcro cuff straps. It is machine wash and a water resistant cloth with a back venting system and a stowaway hood. It has zippered vertical pockets to keep your stuff. You don’t have a reason to be wet when it rain, order this jacket today and enjoy your season.
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8. Women’s splash a little rain jacket

Women’s splash jacket is a perfect jacket to be worn during all the season since its waterproof and windproof. Its hood is adjustable, and it’s very stylish with a little sheer that is good to be worn in the summer. It’s lightweight, and it will not occupy a lot of space in your bag. When face makeup got into the hooded area, you don’t need to worry; this jacket is easy to be cleaned.
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9. Women packable travel raincoat

If you are allergic to cold, then you don’t have a reason not to purchase this coat since it holds warm for you. It’s waterproof and windproof as well; it’s also hand wash and machine wash. It’s knee length, and it will keep your thighs warm. It has several colors depending on your favorite. Choose it and be warm during the winter.
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10. The north face women’s resolve jacket

This jacket fits so comfortably well made and it’s great to be worn during the rainy season. This jacket is very light, and it’s easy to be carried. It has a zip on the pocket to protect your stuff, and the pocket is big enough to hold your stuff. If you have a girlfriend or mom, then don’t leave this jacket behind. Purchase it today while it’s in the stock. Buy now from Amazon

11. Women Raincoat Packable Rain Coat

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This knee-length coat will help cover you when walking in the rain. It has long sleeves and is made of polyester. It also has a hood that you can use for covering your head. There are amazing colors that you can decide from, and you are ready to look glamorous even on a rainy season. You will have an easy time cleaning it as you can hand wash, dry clean or wash it in the machine. It can be worn with both pants and skirts. It will not absorb water.

12. Meaneor Women’s Rainwear Outdoor Raincoat

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You can wear this raincoat during a rainy season, when hiking or when running. It has a zip closure and a hood with a drawstring that you can utilize to cover your head. It is lightweight, and you can easily carry it around. It will no absorb water as it waterproof. It 100% polyester and you will be comfortable wearing it. It has an elastic waistband that will help you maintain your shape when wearing it. It also has two front pockets that you can carry items that you need.

13. Zeagoo Women’s Black Variations Raincoat

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Get stylish with this raincoat that comes in attractive colors that you can choose from. It drys fast so you can use it multiple times. It has a front zip that you close so as not to get rained on. You can also utilize the hood for covering your head. It is light, and you can wear it during different seasons and still be fashionable. It is also breathable, and you can wear it when going for a broad range of outdoor activities. You can get your size from the ones available.

14. Anne Klein Women’s Turn-Key Raincoat

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The combination of cotton and polyester in this raincoat will keep you warm and also dry during the rainy seasons. The closure system is turn-key. The hood can be removed when you do not feel like wearing it. You can also adjust it that it fits you perfectly. The side entry front pockets can help you carry some items with you as you move around. You can wash in your washing machine. The available colors are eye-catching.

15. Rain Slicks Women’s Classic Look Raincoat

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With an inner lining that is cotton and the shell being polyester, this raincoat has been designed to give you a classic look. Conquer the rainy days with it as it will also keep you warm. The sleeves are long enough so that you can roll them up and show the plaid lining. It is also breathable with the air vents that are on the underarms. Keep your cell phone dry with the cotton lined outer pockets at the front.

16. Meaneor Women’s Outdoor Rain Jacket Cycling Raincoat

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Look stylish on a rainy day with this raincoat that is waterproof and lightweight. You can have an incredible experience cycling when wearing it as it will keep you dry and warm. You can utilize it when going to many outdoor activities. It should not be ironed so that you do not ruin it weaken its ability to keep you dry. Choose your size from the amazing colors that are available and start your adventure on all the outdoor activities that you want to participate.

17. QZUnique Women’s Packable Raincoat

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Now you can go on all your outdoor activities with this raincoat that is full length and will protect you from getting rained on. It has a big hooded cap that you can use to cover your head. It can also withstand water keeping you dry. It will dry quickly so you can wear it multiple times. For easy storage, you will get a pouch when you buy it so that you can move easily with it. It is 100% polyester. You will be comfortable wearing it.

18. AmeriMark Women’s Packable Raincoat

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Have an easy time traveling with your raincoat as it will not take much space and you will get a pouch for keeping it. You can look fashionable with it as it is full length and comes with a belt that will help you maintain your shape. Don’t sacrifice style during the rainy season. It is lightweight and will give you a comfortable feel when you are wearing it. It is made from woven polyester.

19. Meaneor Women’s Rainwear Jacket

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This raincoat jacket is made from polyester and rayon. You can wear it when going to many outdoor activities and look trendy. It will help keep you warm and dry during the rainy days. It has a hood that you can use for covering your head. It is lightweight and can be packed easily when traveling with it. It has two front pockets that you can us to carry your mobile phone. It closure system is a front zipper.

20. Columbia Women’s Splash A Little Rain Jacket

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The seam sealed design on this raincoat is amazing you can look fashionable with it on a rainy day. It can also be worn when going for different outdoor activities. It is breathable so that you can be comfortable wearing it. You can also adjust the cuffs so that it fits you well. The interior pockets are for keeping your items safe. The front hand pockets have zips so that items do not fall from it. Look beautiful wearing this raincoat.


Getting wet when it rain is very embarrassing, and also wearing a heavy sweater during the rainy season is not a good idea. To avoid these issues, you need to purchase these raincoats and enjoy yourself when it rains. Select your favorite and keep yourself warm during the windy and rainy season. Order yours today while it’s still in the stock.

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