Top 7 Best Stun Gun Flashlight in 2017 Reviews

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Top 7 Best Stun Gun Flashlight in 2017 Reviews

A stun-gun flashlight is a time-tested method for personal defense. If you do not have one yet, you need to consider buying it for your own safety. It is designed to be more than just a tool for defense. It is a very convenient flashlight that you can carry around on a daily basis. You are going to feel safer with it when walking your pet in the park, going on a night patrol, or just walking by yourself in an area that is not properly lit. You will not feel threatened when walking around because you will know that you have a reliable defense tool at hand. With various types of stun-gun flashlights in the market, choosing the right one for your needs can be a difficult task. Here are top 7 best stun gun flashlight in 2017 reviews to help you choose with ease.

1. VIPERTEK VTS-989 – 53,000,000 V Heavy-Duty Best Stun Gun Flashlight

This is a powerful stun-gun with LED flashlight. Just test-firing it up in the air will stop an attacker because it is incredibly loud. It delivers high voltage shock that results into loss of muscle control and balance, disorientation and confusion. The attacker will be brought into their knees and will be incapable of doing any further aggressive activity. Should the attacker snatch the stun gun from you, the shock plates that are found on its sides are going to deliver high voltage shock to them. It features very sharp electrodes that allow the shock to penetrate even through thick clothing.

2. Vipertek VTS-195 Heavy-Duty Best Stun Gun Flashlight

You are going to be totally impressed by the performance of this tool. Besides being a self-defense weapon, it is also a nice rechargeable flashlight that you will find to be of great use when walking in dark areas. It works right out of the box. You will not need to assemble anything to be able to use it because it comes when ready to use. It features type three aircraft aluminum construction that makes it very durable. You are going to use it for a very long time. It also features a compact size that allows you to carry it around with ease. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

3. Police 30,100,000 Super-Bright Flashlight Stun Gun

This is among the most trusted stun-gun flashlights available. You are definitely going to get your money’s worth from it. It is designed to help you experience security and protection in the most convenient manner. It features a very loud spark that the noise alone will scare away the attacker. It comes fully equipped with all the necessary features for use a regular flashlight while the same time having the added security benefits of a high-powered stun gun. It has a glass-breaker end that makes it ideal for even more emergency implications.

4. Guard Dog Security 6000000 Volt Flashlight Stun-Gun

This stun gun flashlight has a rubberized non-slip body that allows for a safe and soft grip when you are using it in your household. At the front side, there are intimidating double prongs that enable it to fire simultaneous sparks. The sound alone is very loud toscare the attacker away. Other features include a safety-cap, switch and a convenient power cord. The safety cap prevents accidental discharge when using the stun gun while the safety switch allows you to keep it deactivated to prevent children from hurting themselves with it.

5. SABRE S-1000SF Tactical Stun-Gun

There is no denying how powerful this stun gun is. It was test-fired before being released into the market and is backed with over forty years of experience in the security industry. It has the capability of delivering 2.5 amps through thick clothing, something that allows it to neutralize people that may have intentions to harm you. Carrying it around will not be a problem because it features a lightweight design. It also features a very durable construction.

6. Guard-Dog Security Diablo-160-Lumen Tactical-Flashlight with Stun-Gun

This stun gun features concealed stun gun technology that gives it functionality that is very practical. It does not have visible prongs on top like it is the case with many stun guns in the market, meaning that it will be properly concealed until the time of use. It features powered probes that are totally embedded in the flashlight’s outer layer. It also features an advanced reflector system that ensures optimum brightness.

7. SABRE S-1006 Stun-Gun with Built-in LED flashlight

If you are looking for a compact and lightweight stun gun that you can easily carry when traveling, you need to consider buying this SABRE S-1006. It is the ideal personal protection tool you need if you are always on the go. It includes a wrist strap, holster, built-in rechargeable battery and power cord. It is totally safe to use. There is a safety switch that prevents accidental discharge when using it.

You are not going to regret spending your money on any of the above-mentioned best stun gun flashlight. They make great non-lethal defense weapons that you can use absolutely anywhere. They are perfect for use in situations where pepper strays will prove to be ineffective.

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